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This past weekend (well, what weekend), allowed me to take a breather and to sort all the butt-load of work I needed to complete. It's such an agonizing process and to say that I am still not done, really portrays that meaning. But there was a certain time late Saturday evening when I really needed to deter myself away from studies and to evaluate what I had in my closet (this soothes me, one way or another.) Due to the pools (no, not puddles) of rain pouring down last Friday due to Hurricane Irene passing by, I spent the night wrapped in a comfy blanket with my Ralph Lauren bathrobe and sipped on hot chocolate while watching the new classic movie Jane Eyre. Michael Fassbender, you are phenomenal.

 I have one of my best friends to blame for making me a "stripe-fanatic" and I cannot get enough of the classic black and whites. I paired it up with this breezy button-down and took advantage of my daring, bold side by applying a coat of lipstick before heading out the door.
Wearing: F21 blouse and striped dress, Gianni Bini bowed heels, John Wind charm bracelet, Geneva gold watch, Steve Madden sunglasses, Charlotte Russe necklace, "Mint Sorbet" nailpolish

Denim to Go

Please forgive me for not updating as often as I usually do. It's my junior year and school will basically be the death of me. I'm such a fan of hyperboles, but this is no exaggeration.
This was more of an outfit thrown together as I hastily bolted out the front door to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday in downtown Fayetteville last Wednesday. It's already been two days of school and I'm already loaded with work. I don't know what I would've done if it weren't for the weekend. Relaxing won't be something I'll be doing this time like every other usual summer spent weekends. It's more like...hellooo textbooks and endless hours of staring at notebook paper until all my work is complete.
As for blog updating, you'll understand perfectly when I say I have a hectic schedule/life....
 Have an exciting weekend!
I know I won't.
 The birthday girl whom I love.

Wearing: F21 denim dress, H&M black shirt, Express necklace, Geneva watch

Milkmaid For You

Today is the first day of school. 
It's quite a chilling thought, really. The beginning of a new year comes with change, new friendships, and new opportunities you never thought were possible. I just don't think my brain has really registered the fact that summer is actually over, yet. It'll take some time getting used to, that's a given. 
Speaking of new things, I have always wanted to try the milkmaid braid. With long hair like mine, I opted for a change of my own and watched milkmaid tutorials to find that the hairstyle is far from difficult.
Just for the heads up, I'm pretty much decked out in Forever 21. I didn't even realize it until it came time to label where my outfit was from. Well, Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores, can you tell?
 Wearing: F21 top, shorts, shoes, leopard belt, Geneva gold watch, H&M mustard bag, Nicaragua earrings from my sister

Parisian Summer

Ever since I saw this and this, I have been wanting to recreate a Parisian look of my own. I particularly adore how the model really brought out her turquoise top through her mustard jacket and then paired it with a silk scarf tied around her neck. To me, this is all about adding your own taste to your outfits. Bold colors have recently caught my eye and now there's nothing more than wanting to wear a pair of these cobalt blue pointed flats and a classic striped top. Lately, I've been incorporating mustard into my closet {H&M mustard bag? Always.} and trying to bring out that eye-popping color-y vibe inside of me.
  How's that going?
I'll let you know.
 What colors have you incorporated into your wardrobe lately?


On Saturday, I headed to Lumberton with one of my good friends Alex and we shopped at Maurices. If you're not familiar with Maurices, I definitely recommend that you check out their nearest location or their store online! The store emailed me and wanted to have a blog partnership of some sort. If you know me at all, I get super giddy about news like these. I was beyond delighted and wanted to check out the store right away. Unfortunately, the nearest was Lumberton so helloooo roadtrip! The store manager brought us multitudes of clothing to try, including their boots/booties (which I loved!). Alex and I had the opportunity to scourge the store and try on different dresses to suit our taste. I want to thank Kristie for the gift card and for allowing all of this to happen! I know I'll definitely be stopping by again!
This black dress was beyond stunning. I loved the whole silky feeling and the waterfall-like sleeve that tumbled down only on one side. Fit for a party? You bet.
 I don't remember ever owning a sweater dress. 
When it comes to color, I usually opt for one that I don't normally see in my closet. Maroon happens to be one of them. And paired with over-the-knee-high boots is an automatic yes in my book.
 The oh so kind store manager. She was the sweetest.
Wearing: New York & Co. top, F21 skirt and sandals, H&M bag and necklace, Geneva gold watch

And thank you Brittany from B is for Brittany {pssst, check out her blog!} for the awesome giveaway prize! I've already started using them to measure out my oatmeal and portion sizes for almost everything! 
Thank you so so so much!

Peachy Keen

{Scrumptious homemade banana nut muffins to indulge on a blissful morning. Props to my lovely mother.}

I am still in the process of thinking of how I should spend my very last weekend of summer before school starts. It's quite amazing how spending a few days in the sun can do for my frame of mind. I have gone through a painful feeling of dehydration and my legs baking in the killer sun. It's simply not a feeling that I would want to suffer through again. I spent the couple of days finally allowing myself to believe that the summer is drawing to an end. You should know that I took advantage of the better half of Wednesday pondering over all the good spent memories that I have gratefully enjoyed of summer '11. It's all so bittersweet. 

Friday Favorites:
 {In love with Lauren Conrad's new Fall Collection 2011.}
 {I need a photographer who is willing to take an amazing shot of me like this. And then I want it framed. #Iaskfortoomuch. I know.}
 {It's National Peach Month. Enjoy a peach. I know I am.}
{I've been longing for a pair of these pink Miu Miu patent wedges for as long as I can remember. Still in the process of hunting.}

{Fashion's Night Out in the City. Cue dramatic music. 
Keep scrolling for the icon on the right side of my blog! There's more information.}
On Saturday, a good friend and I are headed for Lumberton to visit Maurices for a full-day shopping experience. But there will be more news of this soon to come! Meanwhile, check out their wonderful site!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


"Simple really is best."
I have my lovely older sister to thank for keeping this motto of hers drilled in the back of my mind. My style has gradually taken new turns at every opportunity given and experimenting with new things is surely an option worth trying. A few years ago, my motto was all about sophistication and living up to Blair Waldorf standards (she's still my inspiration, don't get me wrong). But as seasons change, so do we. #Itweetedthissogoretweetitpronto {here}
I am all for finding inspiration, whether it be the internet or the streets. And here are just a few inspirational pieces that I have come across recently:
{Fall d├ęcor perfect for a furnished living room.}
{This fall I plan on experimenting more on monotone and neutral colors.}
{Experimenting with maxi skirts. That is, if I ever find one that suits me well. I'm so picky; who knows when that'll happen.}
{You can't go wrong with a leaf headband for fall. It's perfecto times ten.}
And because of my intimate passion for fall fashion, I think a fall celebration is in order.

*Please leave your blog link in the comments! I'm all for checking out new things and seeing other inspiring blogs.

A Dose of Mustard

Yesterday, I was asked to attend a United Way promotional campaign luncheon at Snyder Baptist Church to help promote this non-profit governmental agency. I was beyond thrilled to know that I was placed in the reserved section up front with the mayor of Fayetteville--Anthony Chavonne, the former United Way president, and the County Commissioner who delightfully gifted me with a special county commissioner coin. I was blessed with the opportunity to eat lunch with these special people. 
I love everything about a casual striped and belted combo. The weather was irresistibly warm and sunny for a typical summer day. I'm only longing for the cool breeze and the changing of the leaves. But until then, this heat will be the death of me.

What are you most looking forward to this fall?
 Wearing: F21 dress and heels, gifted bracelet from a good friend of mine, H&M mustard bag

Cut it Out

Alright. Complete honesty right here.
I know it sounds like every other statement that I make (I make a ton of statements, tis true. Check Twitter, I make a lot of those...) but I have always dreamed of having a cut-out top or dress (Yes, it is very sweet that I can make it both) such as this one. I mean, what are the odds of entering a 7-story Forever 21 store in New York and scouring each section until landing upon this very dress in the most random of places. (Trust me, it was hidden between all multitude of colors. How did I find it? No idea.) I love the idea of a cut-out dress. It's very breezy and a perfect dress for a Starbucks coffee date (check the last photo!) or wearing it out on a hot summer night since there won't be too many of those soon. That thought excites me to no end. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to fall. I mean, I think my message is clear, according to my many recent fall posts. Adding on to my list of loves, the cinching of the waist and this color shade of blue makes this so comfy and chic. 
I think I've ranted just about enough for one post. So tell me, how much more can you find perfect about this dress?
Your turn ;)

Wearing: F21 blue dress and necklace, Target sandals, H&M mustard satchel, Geneva gold watch

Little Red Statement Necklace

My longing for fall has simply gone out of hand. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have been pulling out my old favorite scarves to hang on my rack, so whenever I open my closet they're perched on the wall to my left. It's quite clear to me during that awkward transition from summer to fall that some people simply cannot let go of the hot season when the weather is scorching and hitting triple digits. But for me, enough is enough. I'm beyond ready to move on to the cooler weather. Not too long ago, I did a post on statement necklaces {here}. I found this beautiful statement necklace at an H&M in New York a few weeks back. There are times that I wish this was in a eccentric teal or turquoise color (the color I was looking for), but red suits me just as fine.
{My all-time favorite blogger: Blair Eadie wears an exact necklace similar to mine. Her blog is amazing, hands down.}

Wearing: H&M necklace, vintage red bag, F21 LBD and black heels, H&M white shirt, "Mint Sorbet" nailpolish

P.S. I know, my hair is getting longer and longer by the day. But due to the cast of Pretty Little Liars and their beautiful curly hair that I am absolutely jealous of, I just cannot find the courage to cut or trim mine down. PLL, you're to blame.
*Please leave a link for me to visit your blog in the comments! As "tech-savvy" as I am, I cannot trace back to your blog through the name! When I have the time, I'd love to check out your blogs :)
Thanks for the sweet comments.
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