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Cut it Out

Alright. Complete honesty right here.
I know it sounds like every other statement that I make (I make a ton of statements, tis true. Check Twitter, I make a lot of those...) but I have always dreamed of having a cut-out top or dress (Yes, it is very sweet that I can make it both) such as this one. I mean, what are the odds of entering a 7-story Forever 21 store in New York and scouring each section until landing upon this very dress in the most random of places. (Trust me, it was hidden between all multitude of colors. How did I find it? No idea.) I love the idea of a cut-out dress. It's very breezy and a perfect dress for a Starbucks coffee date (check the last photo!) or wearing it out on a hot summer night since there won't be too many of those soon. That thought excites me to no end. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to fall. I mean, I think my message is clear, according to my many recent fall posts. Adding on to my list of loves, the cinching of the waist and this color shade of blue makes this so comfy and chic. 
I think I've ranted just about enough for one post. So tell me, how much more can you find perfect about this dress?
Your turn ;)

Wearing: F21 blue dress and necklace, Target sandals, H&M mustard satchel, Geneva gold watch

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