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Denim to Go

Please forgive me for not updating as often as I usually do. It's my junior year and school will basically be the death of me. I'm such a fan of hyperboles, but this is no exaggeration.
This was more of an outfit thrown together as I hastily bolted out the front door to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday in downtown Fayetteville last Wednesday. It's already been two days of school and I'm already loaded with work. I don't know what I would've done if it weren't for the weekend. Relaxing won't be something I'll be doing this time like every other usual summer spent weekends. It's more like...hellooo textbooks and endless hours of staring at notebook paper until all my work is complete.
As for blog updating, you'll understand perfectly when I say I have a hectic schedule/life....
 Have an exciting weekend!
I know I won't.
 The birthday girl whom I love.

Wearing: F21 denim dress, H&M black shirt, Express necklace, Geneva watch

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