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Peachy Keen

{Scrumptious homemade banana nut muffins to indulge on a blissful morning. Props to my lovely mother.}

I am still in the process of thinking of how I should spend my very last weekend of summer before school starts. It's quite amazing how spending a few days in the sun can do for my frame of mind. I have gone through a painful feeling of dehydration and my legs baking in the killer sun. It's simply not a feeling that I would want to suffer through again. I spent the couple of days finally allowing myself to believe that the summer is drawing to an end. You should know that I took advantage of the better half of Wednesday pondering over all the good spent memories that I have gratefully enjoyed of summer '11. It's all so bittersweet. 

Friday Favorites:
 {In love with Lauren Conrad's new Fall Collection 2011.}
 {I need a photographer who is willing to take an amazing shot of me like this. And then I want it framed. #Iaskfortoomuch. I know.}
 {It's National Peach Month. Enjoy a peach. I know I am.}
{I've been longing for a pair of these pink Miu Miu patent wedges for as long as I can remember. Still in the process of hunting.}

{Fashion's Night Out in the City. Cue dramatic music. 
Keep scrolling for the icon on the right side of my blog! There's more information.}
On Saturday, a good friend and I are headed for Lumberton to visit Maurices for a full-day shopping experience. But there will be more news of this soon to come! Meanwhile, check out their wonderful site!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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