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 {Myrtle Beach trip--2010}

I like all things simple because simple really is best. 
Lately, I've been bombarding pleasant thoughts with my hectic back-to-school-schedule-mode and haven't really appreciated the simple things that I have overlooked. I thought it was best that I took a deep breath and jotted down ten things that have a way of making me smile without reason.

1. When I finally find a statement necklace that suits me just right.
2. When I find a dress that I've always wanted and the last one left is in my size.
3. When I finally throw out old handbags and purses to make room for new ones hanging on my purse rack.
4. When I wake up early and on time with my alarm clock with no complaints. (I'm a morning person, don't get me wrong.)
5. When my dad fixes my computer and suddenly it's fast as ever.
6. When I start the day off with a grapefruit and Chobani greek yogurt.
7. When I find a $20 dollar bill in my purse that I didn't know about.
8. When I find out that I'm replacing my laptop with a new one due to the upcoming tax-free weekend.
9. When I can relax in my bed because it's summer and school hasn't started...yet.
10. And last of all, there's nothing I love more than going through old photos and looking back at all the direful memories I've had so far in my life.

What are the simple and little things that are making you smile?
 Have a great weekend.
 {My 15th birthday.
Let's not forget my obsession with Gossip Girl back in their high school years at Constance...
 {Youth group church winter retreat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I can't wait to bring out these riding boots of mine as soon as fall rolls around.
{Looking back at my drawings that I sketched for my best friend's Sweet 16 present.
 {Sugar Top Mountain. Summer of 2010.
My sister is my best friend. I will miss her deeply when she heads back to college in a few weeks.}
{My sister's North Carolina School of Science & Math graduation 2010.}
 {Summer 2010.}


  1. It's all about the little things in life, ❤ the list you made & the photos are beautiful as well :) I live near Bruges in Belgium. It is an amazing city & it's mostly there that I take my photos. If you have the opportunity you should come & visit one day, I'm sure you will love it as much as I do :) Have a great weekend Grace!

  2. thank you dear for your comment, now i'm following you!

  3. You and your sister look so alike! :)

  4. Hii :) thanks for the comment back!

    will have to check out Soho for shopping, can't leave New York without shopping! haha
    I'm so glad, my birthday is right in the winter so I'll be able to go ice skating!

    great pictures, the one picture you sketched is so good!

  5. Love your style babes.
    your list is cho chweet!

  6. lovely photos! you look so cute in every one! :)

  7. finding money always outs a smile on my face too :)

  8. Great pictures. It is great that you and your sister are so close.

    My pups and my husband make me smile on a regular basis. When all else fails, they keep me centered. Also, shopping!


  9. I love this post! Thank you for this simple reminder to remember the small things! I actually love graperfruit for breakfast also, and I love all of your stylish outfits here. I especially love those riding boots and the blazer in the last photo. The memories are so sweet, and you are beautiful!

  10. cute pictures! love your first outfit :)

  11. Great pictures of your last summer!!!
    you look pretty allways!

  12. you look like a really nice girl!


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