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Stoic Starfish


"You see that buoy out there? I need you to swim out there and find me a couple of starfish about...hmmm, this big." -Aquamarine
"Live starfish? That's what you wear for earrings?" -Hailey
"They compliment me. Starfish are notorious suck-ups. No. I mean, they literally give me compliments. In my ear. They talk to me. They love to give compliments. But it's nice. Starfish may be big suck-ups...but they never lie." -Aquamarine

Ever since M-Fuge in Philly, when a sweet girl made me a bracelet with various beads, shells, and starfish, I have had this longing desire to own some sea resembling jewelry of some sort. My choice has resided upon starfish earrings because I used to envy Sarah Paxton when she wore them in the movie Aquamarine. I remember the good old days when I watched this movie for the first time and how afterwards, I immediately declared how incontrovertible I was in buying a pair of starfish earrings. I've always admired them for having an Aquamarine vibe to it.
And so if anyone wants to buy me a pair of these? By all means...
Brownie points if they dish out compliments!
P.S. Please leave a link for me to visit your blog in the comments! As "tech-savvy" as I am, I cannot trace back to your blog through the name! When I have the time, I'd love to check out your blogs :)
Thanks for the sweet comments.

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