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 {Homecoming 2011}

I loooove mustard.
Honestly, no one has any idea how much I adore mustard.
I dearly hope you readers understood me when I said mustard. No, I'm not talking about the condiment you squeeze with ketchup onto a hot dog. To specify, I mean the color. I own a mustard-colored H&M bag, a mustard-colored jacket which I have not gotten to wear yet due to the not-too-hot-not-too-cold weather, 
 my favorite mustard-colored Pashmina scarf,
(that's a sneak preview of a post coming to you in the near future. Cough, keep that in mind, cough.) 
and now this newly bought mustard pleated dress that I wore to Homecoming last Saturday. To be quite honest, it came with a gold bowed belt which I took off (I adore gold and bows. I know, how could I?), because I believed my favorite statement necklace would surely make a statement in all its red and mustard-pleated glory.
The theme? Masque-rave. How genius, no?
Mustard... yeaaah, squirt on that.
Wearing: F21 dress, Guess wedges, H&M necklace, gifted bracelet

Sunday Funday

 The first official day of my favorite season arrived with a slight cool breeze. To end summer with a good note, I grabbed my denim shorts to wear before fall descended and snatched a fedora while running out the door. This Aztec necklace is always one of my favorite paired with oxfords. Cute and classy.
Wearing: F21 vest, AE shorts and top, Target fedora hat, F21 oxfords, gifted Aztec necklace

Clutching on to Simple

{I don't know about anyone else, but flowers always have a way of brightening my day.
Keep that in mind. You just might need that for me.}

 As this week has progressed, I've come to realize a multitude of things.
I have been introduced to stress like never before, and it's times like these when I turn to blogging for that soothing and tranquil feeling that helps me escape when too much is too much. Fashion photos and even just the little things in life can mend anyone who's having a bad day or just worn out from exhaustion. And because I know exactly how that feels, I thought I'd share a few simple things in life that make me smile, whether they are meaningful or not.
{This is truly a statement piece I would not even think twice about showing off.
The teal and brown is such a good mix.}
 {This is just soo adorable. I couldn't help but crack even the slightest smile.}
{My love for asymmetrical edged-dresses have no end. The edges remind me of waves of an ocean. Sounds like the perfect getaway...without having to go anywhere at all.}
{Trending pleated maxi skirts in this seafoam green paired with baby blue collars? 
Why, this ought to be in ELLE magazine. In fact...}
{I am such an opinionated person. And to me, the feel of a feminine and chic lace dress brings me happiness. You cannot deny the girly feel to this classic piece and you definitely cannot help but add a vintage birdcage of some sort to perfect this picture.}
{Whoa. Check out the details on this...why yes, camera cake. Truly phenomenal. Bravo. 
No, brava.}

199 followers? Aww guys,
that means so much! Who would like to be #200? Any takers?

These Boots are Made for Stalking

{Why yes, I've accomplished the fishtail braid on my own. Told you so. Here if you remember.}

Last Friday, I was thrilled by the cold and crisp fall weather that crept up on ol' Fayetteville. As soon as I stepped foot outside my house, I...had turned into an icicle.
Alright. No. With all jokes aside, (it was only 60° but the clouds were ominous and it rained, clearly evident that it would anyway). What's with all this talk of the weather anyways? If I wanted to talk this much about the weather, I'd be a meteorologist. 
Nevertheless, this situation called for my favorite brown riding boots that I have been ranting on about in my previous posts. This outfit is more of my go-to fall outfits when I literally have like 5 minutes to get ready. A chambray button-down tucked in with my favorite leopard skinny belt is as classy as classy gets ;).

 Alas, ladies and gents.
 I give you my first boots picture of fall 2011.
{Psssst. Me on the left.}

Wearing: Banana Republic chambray button-down, Ann Taylor Loft black denims, F21 brown boots and leopard skinny belt, John Wind charm gracelet, F21 cameo studs

Black and Gold

The weather has been just so lovely lately, this opportunity called for my classic chambray button-down. I opted for a new style and paired it over a black and gold party dress that just so happens to belongs to my sister. Yes, I stole it from her wardrobe and it's a matter of time before she sees that I'm wearing it.
Whatever will I do.
Have a lovely weekend!
Wearing: F21 dress, Banana Republic chambray button-down, H&M floral pin, F21 jewelry, Steve Madden shades


{Essie fall collection. These colors practically scream the words must-buy.}

Earlier this week, I posted a Q&A post where you readers could ask me anything and I would gladly answer them in a post. Well, lucky day readers. Read away!

Q: What is one piece of clothing that you couldn't live without? 
A: I couldn't live without this gray vest. It pairs well with nearly everything. And for a busy girl like me, those items come in handy.

Q: What is your must have for fall?
A: Brown classic riding boots. Yes, yes, and yes.

Q: What is your favorite shop?
A: It's a mixture of Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and J. Crew...but H&M, in all their nautical-striped glory is what I am currently lusting over.

Q: Is there a designer item that you are drooling about right now?
A: YES. SO glad you asked me this! It will always, always be the classic Chanel handbag with the gold straps. Mark my words.

Q: What eras do you pull most of your fashion inspiration from?
A: I love trying new things so I'm not one to stick to only one, but I definitely adore 1920's and 1950's fashion! Audrey Hepburn, layered pearl necklaces... A girl can dream.

Q: What is your favorite brand and why?
A: Is it bad that I don't have a specific favorite brand? I love all varieties. Say Forever 21, H&M, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, Zara...that's kind of my style. I'll dress preppy one day with a plaid blazer, headband, classic LBD, (think Blair Waldorf) and then the next day I'll throw on a retro leather jacket and a pair of black combat boots for that fierce, defining look. But hey, that's just me.

Q: Do you play any sports?
A. Oh absolutely. I used to play soccer, run track, and play tennis. But now I only focus on tennis.
 {Last year's team photo. I'm the 3rd from the right.}

Q: What high school activities are you involved in?
A: I'm currently President of Tri-Chi which is a girl's sorority, member of Key Club, 12th Man, FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes), Spanish Club... those are the current ones that I remember off the top of my head. There's probably a few more I'm forgetting.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration?
A: Let's see. My inspiration comes from my favorite fashion muses like Blair Eadie who is the queen of layering. She's hands down, phenomenal. {Atlantic-Pacific}, celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Gossip Girl cast, Alexa Chung, and Rachel Bilson. I lean towards people who are about my height and size.

Q: What is your favorite recipe?
A: Favorite recipe. I'm going to have to go with these amazing brownies my close friend and I baked for one of our typical movie nights.

Q: Why did you start blogging?
A: I started blogging because I have this passion for writing (I'm considering on majoring in journalism) and fashion. It was just another soothing way to keep things interesting in my life. And I thought I'd give blogging a shot. In fact, my one year is coming up soon. October 8th.

Who are your favorite three bloggers and why?
A: Drumroll please. They are...
1. Blair Eadie: she is so inspirational. See for yourself, you simply cannot argue.
2. Emily Schuman: I love everything about her fashion sense, delish-looking recipes, and her cute write-ups. Her blog is a must-read.
3.Lexi: I love everything her blog has to offer. So adorable. I look forward to her posts daily.

What do you hope to do for your career?
A: I'm not 100% positive yet, but definitely like a magazine editor, journalist, or anything that relates to fashion. I'm still keeping my options open.

One thing you hope to do in the next year?
Adopt a baby pet hedgehog like my friend. Sooo cute, right? I couldn't help but share her precious hedgehog.
Just kidding, that's not what I hope to do. I hope to be able to get further with my blog. I know that's kind of difficult to do as of now since I'm a junior in high school and this is my hardest year. EVER. But it's something that I want to try and accomplish within the next year.
{Appa, the baby hedgehog.}

Thanks for all the questions! If you have any more, feel free to email me:

Viva Fall

{Dress, Loft, $80. Shirt, Michael Michael Kors, $90. Sunglasses, Elson by Paul Smith Spectacles, $390. Scarf, Adrienne Landau, $295. Bag, Dea Rosa, $1,250. Bangles, Kenneth Jay Lane, $45 and $60 each. Tights, Fogal, $43. Shoes, Prada, $750}

When it comes to color, we all have our favorites. I know for a fact that as we progress into the colder months, my wardrobe tends to base itself upon color. I have this delightful feeling of wearing mustard tights and a burgundy dress. And I sure cannot wait to pull these out in time for the crisp air and crunching of the fallen leaves. This fall, monochromatic will definitely be in. So whether it be bubble gum pink, cobalt blue, deep green, or iridescent yellow, these colors will surely pop out this season. No doubt about it.
{Coat, Rebecca Taylor, $495. Dress, Anna Sui, $752. Bracelet, Sequin, $98}
{Coat, $1,571, top, $649, and skirt, $688, Peter Som. Watch, Cartier, $16,100}
 {Coat, $2,795, top, $995, and skirt, $825, Blumarine. Sunglasses, Armani Exchange, $65. Necklace, Assad Mounser, $450. Bag, Z Spoke Zac Posen Handbags, $350}
{Dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $498. Hat, New York Hat Co., $65. Necklace, Assad Mounser, $395. Belt, Motif 56, $145. Cuff, Kara by Kara Ross, $245. Bag, Marc Jacobs, $1,595. Tights, Fogal, $59. Shoes, DKNY, $295}

I'll try my absolute best to get your questions answered--from here. My week has already kicked off to a horrendous start (tests galore) and so I'll try to have them answered in a post soon! But until then, feel free to ask me more! There's nothing I love more than being able to answer my reader's questions! 
(Well...there is, but you get my point.)


I love to read comments from my loyal readers, and it wasn't until later this afternoon I thought of something brilliant to appease my happiness that has been wearing on me after my well-spent day. I have decided that I will be doing a Q&A post in which you can ask me any question and I will gladly answer it.
So shoot. Let's hear those questions. Bring it on.

I couldn't be any happier for the weekend. And to commence the start of this two-day freedom, I'd like to share a few things that have been keeping me happy:
{I'm quite aware this picture was in my previous post, but this happens to be my favorite outfit as of right now. It counts as something that makes me happy, no?}
 {My dad enjoys bringing German chocolate from Germany.}
 {The infamous mocha-scented candle that I love tweeting about {here}. 
It smells like Starbucks and everything else coffee in all its polished glory.}
 {I've been wearing my Lilly Pulitzer glasses frequently at night while I study. It makes me feel}
 {My mom's homemade cheesecake that is like heaven in tinfoil. So delish.}
{Trying to squeeze in a new post here and there on late nights with coffee.}

...only 4 questions? People. This is unacceptable.
This post will remain up for another day.
Ask away!

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