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Clutching on to Simple

{I don't know about anyone else, but flowers always have a way of brightening my day.
Keep that in mind. You just might need that for me.}

 As this week has progressed, I've come to realize a multitude of things.
I have been introduced to stress like never before, and it's times like these when I turn to blogging for that soothing and tranquil feeling that helps me escape when too much is too much. Fashion photos and even just the little things in life can mend anyone who's having a bad day or just worn out from exhaustion. And because I know exactly how that feels, I thought I'd share a few simple things in life that make me smile, whether they are meaningful or not.
{This is truly a statement piece I would not even think twice about showing off.
The teal and brown is such a good mix.}
 {This is just soo adorable. I couldn't help but crack even the slightest smile.}
{My love for asymmetrical edged-dresses have no end. The edges remind me of waves of an ocean. Sounds like the perfect getaway...without having to go anywhere at all.}
{Trending pleated maxi skirts in this seafoam green paired with baby blue collars? 
Why, this ought to be in ELLE magazine. In fact...}
{I am such an opinionated person. And to me, the feel of a feminine and chic lace dress brings me happiness. You cannot deny the girly feel to this classic piece and you definitely cannot help but add a vintage birdcage of some sort to perfect this picture.}
{Whoa. Check out the details on this...why yes, camera cake. Truly phenomenal. Bravo. 
No, brava.}

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