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I love to read comments from my loyal readers, and it wasn't until later this afternoon I thought of something brilliant to appease my happiness that has been wearing on me after my well-spent day. I have decided that I will be doing a Q&A post in which you can ask me any question and I will gladly answer it.
So shoot. Let's hear those questions. Bring it on.

I couldn't be any happier for the weekend. And to commence the start of this two-day freedom, I'd like to share a few things that have been keeping me happy:
{I'm quite aware this picture was in my previous post, but this happens to be my favorite outfit as of right now. It counts as something that makes me happy, no?}
 {My dad enjoys bringing German chocolate from Germany.}
 {The infamous mocha-scented candle that I love tweeting about {here}. 
It smells like Starbucks and everything else coffee in all its polished glory.}
 {I've been wearing my Lilly Pulitzer glasses frequently at night while I study. It makes me feel}
 {My mom's homemade cheesecake that is like heaven in tinfoil. So delish.}
{Trying to squeeze in a new post here and there on late nights with coffee.}

...only 4 questions? People. This is unacceptable.
This post will remain up for another day.
Ask away!

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