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Since today marks the official last day of the October, it only felt right to compile a list of things I did or loved in the past 31 days. All in dedication to this wonderful, fun-filled month. If you remember {here}, I'm a sucker for lists. It's imperative I jot everything down on sticky notes, whenever and wherever I can possible. It may sound like I'm a perfectionist, but hey. What's wrong with wanting to be perfect?
Happy Halloween!
{My kind of pumpkin. Glitter adds an extra pizzazz to an ordinary pumpkin, making it perfect fall décor.}
{Starbucks' infamous pumpkin spice lattes on chilly afternoons make the world go round my world go round.}
 {Scarves have been a daily thing for me this past month. My favorite fall accessory.}
 {Watching the classics: Halloweentown. It'll never get old.}
 {This weekend's weather was outrageously chilly. Near 40's to be exact. 
If it started snowing, I wouldn't be surprised...}
 {Which...I already have if you haven't noticed--here}
 {Feeling the crisp, fall air and leaves falling from trees is just about the best feeling ever.}
 {Lighting candles is always a stress reliever for me. 
There's no denying that cinnamon is the perfect scent for a candle in the fall.}
{Boy, have I been drinking a lot of those...}

What are some of the things you've done in the month of October?

This Weather Calls for Leather

It's beautiful weather like these that call for a leather jacket.
When I woke up this morning, I had this biker/rocker chic sensation going on. Please tell me it's obvious.
I did a little mix-up with my favorite red statement necklace and threw on some booties. Preppy rocker? What can I say, it felt like an oxymoron-type-of-day. Anyway, (wow, I had no intention of all the rhyming...)
 I'm not going to lie. I lost my black tights somewhere in that closet of mine. Ashamed? Yes, that would be the word. I mean, how does that happen? How does one lose a pair of tights? Well,  apparently I have proven it is possible and I'm stuck with these until I buy another pair. Whenever that may be.
Meet my beautiful friend Rachel. I was in love with her outfit and a picture was necessary.
I've told this guy in AP Cal class multiple times that if braiding hair was as easy as Calculus, I'd score an A. Every time. I love fishtail-braiding and decided to try something new. Who said seasons were the only things that changed?
Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes has inspired me to try this braided hair headband. Except her fiery red hair looks like perfection and mine...well...

Wearing: F21 skirt and leather jacket, H&M necklace, F21 booties

Fall Spectrum

As Halloween nears, so does my love for fall.
Scarves are a magical thing. I love the way a simple and easy scarf can change up your entire outfit, which is basically my wardrobe for the colder months. There's nothing like throwing on a blazer on a much rather crisp day with fall attire that is cute to boot. Today is basically my "Friday" since there is no school tomorrow. I mean, it's about time we had a break. I wonder how long a person can go before their head literally explodes. Knowledge is a great thing, don't get me wrong. Over exceeding its capacity is another. Now onto a positive note...

What are your favorite must-have fall colors?

Wearing: F21 dress and heels, vintage messenger bag, vintage olive scarf, F21 blazer, vintage earrings from Korea

Haute Coffee

I've always been a fan of 90210 on the CW every Monday nights (along with Gossip Girl). 
But a few episodes ago, Ivy said something that made me realize that I should be thankful for what I have. 

"It's just that, I look around me Silver, and all I see are people who have it SO good and they don't even realize it. You know, they don't know how to appreciate what they have while they have it." 

There's times in life when you're going to just want to sit back and think of all the memories that you cherish so dearly that have impacted your life.
Old memories.
They're bittersweet.
I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, let alone Halloween, but to start this Monday off right, I just wanted to take time to post some of the things that I'm thankful for.
 My family are my best friends. I can always rely on them the most.
Some of the technology that I have.
Florals growing in my backyard. SO beautiful during spring time.
Having the opportunities to go to places like New York City. Some people wait a lifetime.
 My diverse scarf collection. Meet my Louis. He's one of my favorites scarves. There isn't a winter when I don't wear it.
 My hair that looks like this every December. I'm ecstatic to get highlights this winter.
 My creative and artistic sense for fashion.
 Drinking coffee in the mornings. So beyond thankful for this energy boost. God knows I need it.
And how could I not forget? I'm so thankful for this blog and all the readers that show their appreciation through comments :)

So readers, what are the things you're most thankful for?

Meet Louis V

Fact: Rainy days are made better with a houndstooth print umbrella and a pair of red wellies.
It's the best way to counter rainy days, in my opinion. Nonetheless, the rainboots aren't even mine (my sister's). And if you remember my last few umbrella or rainy day posts, you'll remember how much the drizzling weather means to me. (compiled them below if you need to be reminded which you most certainly do; no pun intended)
here, here, here and here.

I like to keep things classy on a rainy day with warm Louis. He's my favorite...especially on Valentine's Day. Note the roses. And no worries, you'll see more of Louis around. Just you wait.

What's your favorite rainy day accessory?
 Wearing: Target rainboots, Louis Vuitton scarf, Ralph Lauren shirt, Crackled nailpolish

You've Got Nail!

I'm currently in the fall spirit with my newly painted orange nails with a hint of gold sparkles that I painted this weekend. There's excitement building up inside of me that is dying to show you, my dear readers.
Soon, people.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any favorite nail polish?

Pretty Little Liar, at your service

My day was made today.
It isn't an everyday thing when a girl you don't know comes up to you and tells you she loves your blog. Or better yet, tells you that you look like one of the Pretty Little Liars which is certainly a first.
I've always had the intention of channeling Blair Waldorf, which I believe I can successfully in that matter (my wardrobe consists of bows and headbands and colored tights), but just hearing it from someone else really brightened the rest of my day. Just putting it out there, I'm a huge sucker for the equestrian style. Huge.
guess which Pretty Little Liars I'm "channeling" today. It can't be that hard.
Oh, the beauties of fall.
Fallen, crisp autumn leaves in my front yard.

Wearing: F21 boots, Express blouse, F21 tan blazer, John Wind charm bracelet, Anne Taylor Loft pants, Lilly Pulitzer glasses

 {Spencer from Pretty Little Liars}

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