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Blog Anniversary

 {Treating yourself to Starbucks never harmed anyone.}
If anything, I was Olivia-Palermo inspired.

Today of all days marks the 1st anniversary of Haute Couture.
To me, it seems as though I have been writing blog posts since forever now. Realizing that it has only been a year is incredibly shocking. Even though I wrote passionately and daily throughout the summer of my trips, fashion, and insights, I want to put aside some time to thank everyone for making this first year special! I am extremely grateful for all the past comments and friendships I've encountered over the years. Since this is a new fresh start to another week, I am going to try my absolute best to see things from a positive perspective now. Long story short: I was sleep deprived all week and finally slept a good 12 hours last night. Waking up from that feels simply amazing, I'll tell you that right now.

And with that, on a positive note...
 {My mother's incredible home-made blueberry muffins. They are out of this world.}
{Flashback Day at school. I like to keep things classy.}
 {Total sucker for the J. Crew style. Collars and all.}
{I am embarrassed to even admit this was my room last week. But all reassurances aside, it's spotless now.}
 {Simple pieces like this khaki jacket that need to find a way into my closet. Stat.}
{Meet the love of my life: Starbucks}
{Seeing the first signs of fall.}

Enjoy your fun-filled weekend!

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