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I've never fully embraced this trend until my sister played a scavenger hunt in my room and whipped out my favorite chambray button-down shirt of mine hiding near the back of my closet. This outfit pertains to me through its masculine feel. I might as well have thrown in a bowtie and a suit and I would have completed the masculinity of this outfit. (masculinity: is that word?) And so, here I am...
embracing denim on denim.
Hence my blog post title.
On that note, at least I know how to math, right?

p.s. My hair is in a bun, for the heads up. 
And no, I did not cut it to prove my very point of how masculine this outfit is. 

Wearing: Banana Republic chambray button-down, Anne Taylor Loft denim, Forever 21 oxfords and belt, Nicaragua gifted earrings from my sister

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