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Meet Louis V

Fact: Rainy days are made better with a houndstooth print umbrella and a pair of red wellies.
It's the best way to counter rainy days, in my opinion. Nonetheless, the rainboots aren't even mine (my sister's). And if you remember my last few umbrella or rainy day posts, you'll remember how much the drizzling weather means to me. (compiled them below if you need to be reminded which you most certainly do; no pun intended)
here, here, here and here.

I like to keep things classy on a rainy day with warm Louis. He's my favorite...especially on Valentine's Day. Note the roses. And no worries, you'll see more of Louis around. Just you wait.

What's your favorite rainy day accessory?
 Wearing: Target rainboots, Louis Vuitton scarf, Ralph Lauren shirt, Crackled nailpolish

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