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Neapolitan Fall

October is one of my favorite months for fall season.
I await it every year like a kid looking forward to Christmas. In October the weather starts to change, leaves begin to turn and there are tons of bright orange pumpkins. It just makes my day each and every day. The change of weather is quite inspiring. Speaking of weather, the temperature has abruptly dropped down to 54° this morning. Brr, can you say chilly? Fayetteville weather is seriously bipolar. But hey, then's Fayetteville. (You probably won't understand that unless you lived here.)
As always, I take full advantage of weather in these situations. The ending to this week has fully turned around ever since last night. The Homecoming football game was absolutely one of the best nights I've had in a long time. On another note, the arrival of my sister from Chapel Hill clearly made my night as well.
Things are finally turning around and I have never been happier.
 {My brother's polo kind of reminded me of neapolitan ice cream. Am I right or am I right?}

Wearing: Alloy boots, F21 skirt, shirt from Korea, Pashmina scarf, F21 cameo studs

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