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Quick to Boot

There's no denying that statement necklaces are the epitome of chic. I've been pretty busy lately stacking up my necklace collection with the most unique and daring necklaces that I can lay eyes on.
This particular statement necklace adds a touch of femininity when paired with black. I did my share with an LBD and added a touch of fall with my new booties which I finally bought after I posted this and maybe this.
 Do you ever feel like you made the right decision on purchasing an item and you know that you will never regret purchasing it?
Welcome to my life.
At least, you're farther in it than some people whom I don't think twice about letting in.
On that note, statement necklace blog posts you might remember. here, here, and here.
Wearing: F21 LBD, necklace, gray shirt, and booties.
Oh what do you know...a Forever 21 fest.
Consider yourself welcome.

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