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This Weather Calls for Leather

It's beautiful weather like these that call for a leather jacket.
When I woke up this morning, I had this biker/rocker chic sensation going on. Please tell me it's obvious.
I did a little mix-up with my favorite red statement necklace and threw on some booties. Preppy rocker? What can I say, it felt like an oxymoron-type-of-day. Anyway, (wow, I had no intention of all the rhyming...)
 I'm not going to lie. I lost my black tights somewhere in that closet of mine. Ashamed? Yes, that would be the word. I mean, how does that happen? How does one lose a pair of tights? Well,  apparently I have proven it is possible and I'm stuck with these until I buy another pair. Whenever that may be.
Meet my beautiful friend Rachel. I was in love with her outfit and a picture was necessary.
I've told this guy in AP Cal class multiple times that if braiding hair was as easy as Calculus, I'd score an A. Every time. I love fishtail-braiding and decided to try something new. Who said seasons were the only things that changed?
Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes has inspired me to try this braided hair headband. Except her fiery red hair looks like perfection and mine...well...

Wearing: F21 skirt and leather jacket, H&M necklace, F21 booties

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