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Trenching' All the Way

I'm proud to finally be announcing that Fayetteville, North Carolina has realized the true definition of fall. Round of applause.
The genius that I am decided to wear shorts while running outside this afternoon. The wind was blowing ferociously and I had to stop to dodge the whirlwind of leaves that blew out of the trees and into my face. And yes, in this kind of weather I would wear shorts. Oh, maybe that explains why those people driving by looked at me all funny. Well, at least I learned my lesson. Even if it was the hard way. (Mental note: Wear sweatpants next time I go for a run.) Duly noted.

PS- My hair has been growing longer and I'd like your opinion on what I should do with my hair next.
Think of it like a test question. Important and necessary to answer. (I'm serious people!)
A. Leave it be
B. Cut it short to my shoulders
C. Grow it out longer
D. Um, I really don't care about your hair

I double dare you to pick D...and yes, I do read your comments.
{Ignore the noticeable finger in the left corner. Someone obviously doesn't know how to take a polished and adequate picture. I know all about the tool crop but that only works if the head comes off too. No thanks.}

Classic Stripes

When all else fails, I become more evoked to the classic black-and-white combo. Though I've ranted on and off about these beautiful Chanel gold-chain handbags long enough, it felt only right to include them in a "with all things classy" post. Even though I do not really need any more stripes in my closet, it seems as if a girl can never really have too many stripes.
{Love this perfected outfit worn by Kate Moss.}
{Though, I don't have a feel for the tv show Hart of Dixie, there's no denying my love for Rachel Bilson's trendy outfits such as this one. Leather shorts and a striped sheer top with collars. Bravo Rachel Bilson, no. Brava.}

What's your take on stripes? To stripe or not to stripe?

Swoon For a Macaroon

Thanksgiving last year's post {here
Other than the fact that I had a swell Thanksgiving with my family, I arrived home safely from DC. Someone give me a gold star for suffering a 5-hour road trip with every family member squished up in the car. Well, there went my entire Saturday which only means Sunday... it's time to get serious. Procrastinating at its finest. It's been a while since I've done one of these posts. So you might be wondering, why start now? Well, my response? Why not.
Here are 5 things that I am head over heels in love with at the moment...
{I am a total sucker for macaroons. Which is why finding this French Macaroon Overdose Ring gives me every right to swoon.}
{My mother brought home these Pistachio muffins from who knows where, but delicious is simply an understatement.}
 {With Thanksgiving out the way, it's time to get crack-a-lackin' for all things Christmas. Which is why I want to get my hands on this Starbucks ornament for Christmas decor.}
{There's no denying the righteous smell of a Yankee Candle around Christmas time.}
{I just may need to do this to my nails. It's bothering me how perfect they are.}


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I felt the need to have a stereotypical Thanksgiving blog post along with every other blogger who's probably doing the same. The time of year to gather around with family and friends to cherish and make memories with the ones we love. The day when we greet loved ones, eat pumpkin pie, and gather around to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on TV. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm heading up to D.C. early Thursday morning to have one big family reunion for the holidays. I'm taking every advantage of getting out of this blessed city of Fayetteville for the rest of the week and I am almost positive that it won't be missed.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

AM Rush

It's funny how things don't always go the way you plan, but whatever the outcome, you make it work. Quite similar to a morning like mine. I had no intention of wearing a dress nor tights at all. In fact, I was all set for wearing a chambray long-sleeve button-down with pants, but that's a different blog post. My point is, I had intended on wearing those things only to find that neither of those things were in my closet! So what does one do to find a outfit that doesn't scream bum or I was too lazy this morning in a matter of minutes?
The only important thing you probably learned from this story was, that within those minutes of desperation, flinging of closet doors, scarves thrown one way or another... I finally settled for something with the snap of my fingers. And I was much rather impressed to hear compliments throughout the day on my attire even though I hardly even glanced at what I was wearing until...well, later.
 Typical every day morning: Grab...and go.
For any guys reading this, a wardrobe is an important part of a woman's life. Ladies, I know there's no argument there.
Statement nails. My specialty.

Extreme Bedroom Makeover: Grace Edition

Weekends are always marked with a clear ending to yet another unexpected and unforeseen week. I always aspire for change and reflect back on something that I can do better the next week that I haven't achieved the week before. I know I mentioned a couple of posts ago, that I was dedicating most of my Labor Day weekend to a room makeover and buying my brand new car. I also remember promising pictures, no? Sometimes, I like to ponder back through my old posts in the earlier years of blogging and re-read over my write-ups for inspiring words. I came across a few of my old posts on my bedroom before the change. {here and here}. I have to admit, the change-up and buying process took forever, but in the was all worth it.
Enjoy ladies and gents.
 Magazines in a clutter. In the middle of my floor.
 Parts of my old bedroom.
Newly organized nailpolish. An easier way to keep track of all those polishes without scourging all over the place.
 Jewelry box that I bought last weekend that holds all my jewelry in neat and organized mini-dressers. It screams neat and orderly.
 My absolute favorite part was constructing this picture memo board with pictures to fill up with memories of friends and family and is just another reason for decoration.

I had my dad paint it gold to showcase how much I adore the color...even when it's not in jewelry. 
Audrey's an essential. I didn't think I had to explain that one.

 Every girl needs a little something to prove that they truly own what they have. In my case? It's this letter. And if you stare closely, I'm pretty sure it reads: Grace's Room. Beware.
 Drum roll please. My brand new car.

...Soo. How many of you guys actually stared?
Have a fab weekend!

Quick Time

The thought of knowing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner makes me want to just stop everything that I am doing, freeze and soak in what's left of this year. I am still in utter shock that one month from now, it'll be Christmas. The greatest time of the year. 
I took these pictures last week when the weather actually felt like fall. This feels like summer and I am rather perplexed by the bipolar weather Fayetteville witnesses every once in a while. School today was atrocious. I might as well shown up in a tank top and flip-flops, that way we could all just lay back in our desks and tan from the scorching sun pouring in from the windows at school. Well okay, extremely exaggerated that. But the fact that it was 81° was not an exaggeration.
 This beautiful raincoat was bought in London a while back. I adore it. Even though it's not mine. It's my mom's if you remember here. I tried something new for a change and belted it in a unique sort of way and embraced the chilly Sunday afternoon.
 Still rockin' the ombre nails.

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