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Ombre This, Ombre That

 I get inspired easily with the little things. When I saw this nail art from Going West, I knew this had to be accomplished I had to tweet it first. I was slightly astounded with the ombre styling and thought I should give it a go. Is it odd that I have my nail polish set memorized? You're probably thinking, "No Grace, not at all." Sarcasm. With pun intended.
I spent the better half of my three-day-weekend with a room makeover and buying my brand new car. I don't start driving until January 4th (keep this date in mind people so you can stay off the roads). With all jokes aside, I'm a splendid driver, I swear. Nevertheless, these two processes consume so much time, and the fact that I accomplished both of these things this weekend stuns me for that matter. I'll have pictures up for my newly organized bedroom and my car sooner or later. There's still a few tidbits that need to find its way to its designated place but other than that? I had a spectacular weekend and I wouldn't mind spending it the same way if I had the chance.

{Nailpolishes I used.}

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