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Trenching' All the Way

I'm proud to finally be announcing that Fayetteville, North Carolina has realized the true definition of fall. Round of applause.
The genius that I am decided to wear shorts while running outside this afternoon. The wind was blowing ferociously and I had to stop to dodge the whirlwind of leaves that blew out of the trees and into my face. And yes, in this kind of weather I would wear shorts. Oh, maybe that explains why those people driving by looked at me all funny. Well, at least I learned my lesson. Even if it was the hard way. (Mental note: Wear sweatpants next time I go for a run.) Duly noted.

PS- My hair has been growing longer and I'd like your opinion on what I should do with my hair next.
Think of it like a test question. Important and necessary to answer. (I'm serious people!)
A. Leave it be
B. Cut it short to my shoulders
C. Grow it out longer
D. Um, I really don't care about your hair

I double dare you to pick D...and yes, I do read your comments.
{Ignore the noticeable finger in the left corner. Someone obviously doesn't know how to take a polished and adequate picture. I know all about the tool crop but that only works if the head comes off too. No thanks.}

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