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Cancellation Frustration

As much as I love my family, there's one thing you have to know about them. They often have the tendency to have impromptu last minute change-ups. Like our trip to D.C. to spend with my dad's side of the family was cancelled and replaced with them coming to our house in two days. But now, as of last night we are officially going up to D.C. for New Year's.
The good: I want to get out Fayetteville and if that means only for one night, then so be it.
The bad: I honestly detest last minute plans. If I had to choose a pet peeve that would be it.
To stay positive about this dilemma, I felt the situation called for soothing photography that allows me to keep calm and acknowledge that everything will be alright. A tranquil peace that even yoga cannot touch.
{Vintage bike}
{Vintage boots that I have swooned over}
{Grace Kelly: the epitome of an independent woman}
{Adore collars under sweaters}
{Best friend photos always make me smile}
{Geometric shapes on houses}
{Winter wonderland}
{Valentine's Day brownies...February is only a month and a few weeks away...}
{Beautiful lights}
{I just love the blend of colors in this cupcake. On a dress that would look so stunning} are worth a thousand words. 
And sometimes that's all we need to brighten the worst of days.

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