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Color Me Camel

Could this week progress any slower? I feel as though the ever so slowly moving time is tormenting me by preventing Christmas break to come any sooner. With Christmas break well on its way, or not,
I don't believe the actual realization that Christmas is in 17 days has fully registered in this brain of mine. 17.
17. 17. 17.
Nope. Still hasn't kicked in yet.
But when it does, I'll let you know.

Fact: Fayetteville's flowers bloom in the month of December. Oh, and here's another one. Fayetteville is indubitably confused with the fact that the season is FALL and not SUMMER. I'm not okay that the weather has been hitting the 70's and 80's lately. If I wanted summer, I would move to the desert and get my tan on in the middle of fall.
Seriously thinking of buying some snow spray and re-creating my own little "winter wonderland"...
Who's with me? 
Faux snowballs, anyone?

My brother and my cousin. They are so adorbs. And half of my face in the sun. That's adorbs too.

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  1. You're so lovely :D that look is fab, love the colour of your blouse, it's so great :) I would love more camel colour in my closet too. :) xoxo


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