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Deistic Denim

Wearing: F21 denim dress, Anne Taylor LOFT black pants, F21 brown riding boots, Prada handbag

I do believe that this denim "cardigan" is actually a dress in which I wore freshman year to school. Yes, how scandalous. And now before you start judging me as a slut, I would like to intrude your thoughts to clearly specify that I swear this dress was actually a dress and by all means I mean down-to-my-lower-thighs-dress which probably means I have grown a few inches. Didn't think that was possible but that is the only reason I can think of...right now. With that in mind, this denim "whateveryouwishtocallit" is most certainly going to be a staple during these cold months (well excuse me, IF it gets colder around here). Or an easy to-go outfit paired with solid-colored long sleeves shirts, black denims and maybe a pair of wedges.

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