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Hi Heels

Adorable tree I found at my church.

Cute DIY's for Christmas.
You can find this here at A Beautiful Mess.
Honestly, I have no idea how I took this shot on my camera. But it happened and I couldn't be more proud.
I just cannot get enough of the seasonal Starbucks drinks. Peppermint mocha is my favorite as of now...what's your favorite?
 I am mesmerized by this vivid pink. I'll take these decorations in my room any day.
Glitter + wedges? Two things that are destined to be found in a shoe.
 I want, want, want these heels so much. They scream perfection.

I get easily attracted to inspirational photos but one can only scourge through the Internet and find so many...
If you have any inspiring photos you're willing to share, please...
1. email them to
2. Attach your blog name or URL link so I can link back to you

and I'll post my top favorites on my next post on the photos you send in!

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