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LOST...(and I don't mean the TV show)

I enjoyed a eventful girl's weekend with my best friend Meagan. Last mentioned here. Since math is my least favorite subject and we do not agree when it comes to the uh...having to show work portion, I'm going to make this equation as simple as possible.
Christmas sweater shopping + early morning starbucks run + crazy traffic + no sense of direction = Our crazy and hectic Saturday morning.
We spent the most of that day running around Fayetteville. Maybe it's about time I get acquainted with the roads and street names of my own city... the realization of how clueless I am with direction frightens me a tad since you know...I'm getting my license and all and that's vital information. What's the point of having a car without knowing where to go? Looks like the map and I are going to be best friends this Christmas break.
In other words, long story short: Put two clueless people in a car and what do you get?

 Fayettevillians keep things classy.

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