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Mustard + Teal

I am such a sucker for the two color combinations of mustard and teal.

n. pl. teal or teals
1. is a deep green/greenish-blue color; a dark cyan.
2. A moderate or dark bluish green to greenish blue.

1. a color that resembles culinary mustard. It is similar to the color flax.
2. A dark yellow to light olive brown.

Teal + Mustard 
n. & n.
1. A favorite color combination for fall.
2. A soothing color scheme for for replenishment.
Simple math.
Mustard + Teal = fashion appeal
Wearing: F21 mustard jacket and teal dress, Steve Madden shades, H&M mustard tights, gifted bracelet
 So I did my part of the research and found a few street style photos...
Someone please buy me mustard and teal balloons so I can re-create this look.

What are some of your favorite color combinations?

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