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Nothin' like a Holiday Soirée

With all things that go with love and cheer, a little festive Tacky Christmas sweater party comes into play around this time of year. What's better than a holiday soirée with Christmas right around the corner? {Why yes, I've embraced that fact now. If you remember from here}. The night was filled with Chinese food (hence a scarf Chinese Christmas Exchange), cupcakes, and reindeer-styled cookies. I'm a firm believer of ending the year on a good note in order to start a new one. And now this marks the beginning of my winter break which I plan on taking full advantage of. And usually when I say it like that, I mean it.
My good friend's glitter-fied Chinese takeout gift box.

Her mom made this cutesy Santa Claus attire. Genius, no?

all of us.
Santa, I want...
The sweet, dear hostess.

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