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 The last two days have been the most laziest days I've spent ever since school started back in August. Ever since winter break started, I have casted all my worries aside. Including a test that I know for a fact failed on Friday but like I said. Worries aside. Within the last few days, I have already found a way of boring myself out with scrapbooking, pinteresting {is that a word?}, and even watching movies every night and Gossip Girl/90210/Pretty Little Liars re-runs. I could never get tired of Upper East Side scandals mixed in with a little Beverly Hills gossip and maybe a pinch of Rosewood drama all in one night. Don't judge me.

Though, I did watch The Help last night and I must say it was one of the most powerful and most beautiful movies I've seen in a long time. Hands down, phenomenal. I would go deeper in depth but let's leave the movie critiquing to the critics, shall we?
In fact...I would love to hear a few of your movie recommendations. My laptop A-Dell and I would be delighted to read your picks. I'll read your choices and fill you in on which one I decide!

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