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The Sun will Rise

Those who know me are aware of the fact that I make lists for everything and I couldn't emphasize it enough. Making a list not only comes in handy but it keeps me organized.
So with just 12 days left of this year, I've put together a list of things needing to be accomplished within that time frame.

1. Get my highlights redone--December 29th.
2. Memorize my way around Fayetteville {license in 16 days!}.
3. Ponder on the thought of buying my sister Ray Ban wayfarers for Christmas and try to do so without thinking of whether I should borrow them 24/7 or not because I've always wanted a pair too...
4. Figure out what I'm doing with my classes next semester.
5. Maybe work on my school work {highly unlikely. The procrastinator that I am...}
6. Distribute my Christmas gifts to friends. My laziness gets me. Every time.
7. Buy a beret from American Apparel. Anyone want to recommend me a color? I'm thinking navy.
8. Persuade my dear mother that even though these are $64.99, I deserve a pair of these Wonder Wedges from ModCloth because I have been such a bonhomous, good-hearted, caring, gracious, loving daughter for these past 16 years. Usually works. Must come up with a better reason in the meantime...
9. Persuade my mother to also consider this Suedette Crop Jacket from Forever 21 because then I can walk around and say 'Michael Jackson's got nothing on me' and have the red jacket to prove it.
10. Find a cure for blogging/social networking obsession.

What are your plans for the next few weeks of 2011?
Wearing: F21 leopard belt, Steve Madden shades, Express blue top, Anne Taylor LOFT ombre pants, F21 wedges, John Wind charm bracelet

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