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This Night is Sparkling

 {Scrapbook Christmas presents for friends + family}

 If you've been reading my tweets lately, I have been obsessing over glitter. I believe that my glitter insanity has something to do with the holiday and all its festivities that come with it. I blame you, December. There's no one else I'd rather spend Christmas with than my family. We ended our night with healthy pita wraps {my speciality}, a glass of sparkling/wine and countless nonstop laughter from childhood videos that varied from talent shows to fashion shows {I think I lost my eyes at that moment} to videos we never knew existed.
Nothing beats family time.
 {My glitter obsession has spread to my keys. But hey, can you really blame me?}
 {Settling down on a Christmas evening with champagne + watching old childhood videos that never fail to remind me how puerile I was in my earlier years}
 {Pecan pie}
 {My nails the other week while scrapbooking}
{My siblings}
And...thank you Anna Hodge from FashBoulevard for my earrings! {from here}

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