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Picture that with a Kodak...or a Nikon.

 I don't know what's worse. Just now finding a vintage 1960s Nikon DSLR after so many years hidden in my dad's closet or... finding out it doesn't work. Oh, the disappointment that always has a way of coming around only to be a pain in the derrière. I spent this carefree day with my best friend and some Starbucks coffee. She is just quite the photographer. I have to give it to her. The sun was beaming with a hint of slight breeze. Such incredible weather and a bonhomous friend who I am grateful to have in my life. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Well hey, look on the bright side (a place brighter than where this sun is shining, obviously). It still makes quite a prop for picture taking, no?

 Wearing: Banana Republic chambray button-down, F21 wedges, Anne Taylor pants, F21 striped cardigan, Steve Madden sunglasses, vintage earrings, F21 peacoat

I've been constantly bugging her about this amazing photo. It's picture perfect.
Don't let this photo fool you. I'm really not a blonde.

All Around the World

 Ever since I saw this picture on Don't Think Twice, I have been desiring to recreate the shot. With well...a much rather toy-like globe instead of a vintage clock which had a platform attached to the bottom. As you can see in the pictures, the base isn't connected anymore...(sorry little brother, didn't mean to break it). There's really nothing like a little mint splash with a eye-popping red necklace and a daring cobalt blue skirt to relax in for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Wearing: F21 plaid button-down, cobalt skirt, and wedges, H&M statement necklace and mustard bag Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 'Mint Sorbet'

Too(nic) Short

 tunic: Maurices, blazer: Forever 21, boots: TJ Maxx

It's official. I have gotten entirely too lazy too soon. With a brand new semester and new classes, I have to admit, it's been so easy to slack off. But none of this pertaining to wardrobe, of course. (umm, do you know me?) Of course you don't. Honestly, this is supposed to be a dress. I had it hemmed but it felt too short to wear simply as a dress. Sound familiar?

PS- if you don't get my title, I understand. I'm not sure if I get it either...


Thank you Johanna from Handmade Dreams of Mine for this gracious award. I've decided that as an token of gratitude, I will do an 'About Me' list for those who want to know more about me. Here goes.
1. I sometimes wish I was a photographer. But that would require an expensive and high-quality camera and that's as far as that dream goes. Starbucks not included.
2. I have a weird obsession with color combinations. Like not too long ago, I have been obsessed with the two colors: teal and gold. (You'll see a post about this real soon!)

3. I love to work out. Absolutely love it. There isn't a day that I go on living without a little physical activity in my life.

4. I am a perfectionist. Sometimes. When I want to be. Just kidding. No, but really.

5. Like Blair Waldorf, macaroons are the most heavenly sweets to me. Gift me a Ladurée box and we're best friends. Just like that. 
PS- I have this photo pinned up on my board in my bedroom. That kind of obsession. Yeah, it's serious.

6. I want to live in New York. Or Paris.
7. I have always dreamed of owning a pair of glitter sequined shorts. Have not found a pair...yet. Feel free to recommend some sites!
8. I have an obsession with taking photos with balloons. There. I said it. Now you can stop judging.

 9. I chew at least four pieces of gum (or more) on a daily basis. I have this credulity that I'm the reason Stride profits so much... hey, discounts are always welcome. Just saying.

10. Seriously adore collars. Anyone know where I can find ones like these? Or we can go shopping through your closet. I heard sharing is caring....

11. Last year I told one of my friends that my favorite color was gold. And so she got me this adorable jewelry mannequin for Christmas.

12. Jessica Lowndes is someone I've always wanted to hear live. I love her on 90210 and she has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. This is no joke.

If you have any more questions about me, feel free to shoot me an email at and I will be happy to answer any more!

Chevron Obsessed

48 hours ago Not too long ago, I adopted a new obsession. Chevron. There's something so intriguing about the zigzagged lines that seem to portray what seems to be a disparate pattern but yet analogous at the same time. I find it truly odd that this chevron pattern seemed unobtrusive to me for so many years after the many times I have laid eyes on it. All I do know is, this is bound to be a start of a new obsession. I would hold on to that chevron clutch of yours, if I were you.
P.S. Scroll to the very bottom of my blog. There is an attention note at the bottom in case some people need a reminder.

Have a spectacular weekend! Xx

Gossip Girl Inspired

I'm always inspired by Gossip Girl. That's nothing new. I felt as though this outfit was a mix between Blair Waldorf and Penelope Shafai {I never knew what her last name was. Thank God for Google. Another reason for a protest against SOPA and PIPA. Yes, to google Gossip Girl character names. #justajoke #notreally.}
I have never been a huge fan on pink. Even though my bedroom is half pink. Irony, huh. But every time winter rolls around, I can never get enough of these bright pink tights.
F21 plaid coat, Express pink tights, Target flats

P.S. Someone please convince this person to stop impersonating me. Not okay. If this is you, I will catch you. And I will sue you.

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