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100 Pennies for a Collar

 {Delicate roses. Valentine's Day material}
 {Masculinity in a photo. 
Love her striped button-up with that fierce masculine blazer}
 {This has to be one of my favorite photos}
{This ought to be framed}
{Quotes that I live by}
{What is it about balloons that make photos like these look infinitely more appealing?}
{Definitely trying this look. Plaid blazer + denim shorts over tights + combat boots}
 {My Monday nights obsession}
 {Note to self: Wear berets often. Like Blair back in her Constance years}
{Stare at this photograph and pretend that you'll have the opportunity to throw a party to get a breathtaking shot like this one aka dream on}
 {Is anyone willing to re-create this shot with me? 
Except we can borrow your Chanel bag and I'll take it as a thank-you-for-taking-pictures-with-me gift}
{Note the collars, penny loafers and vintage dress}
{Okay, I admit it. I just can't get enough of collars}
{Can I find a prom dress like this?}
{I feel the need to snuggle up with a good book and be able to see this view out my window}

I get inspired easily. As if it isn't obvious enough.

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