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Give Me Sun-Thing to Smile About

There's a lot of things in this world that I don't understand. Weather being one of them. Excuse me. Let me clarify. Fayetteville weather. You would expect that Christmas and New Year's would pass as chilly weather that has us gripping for coats and bundling up with scarves up to our necks but that's not how it works for the remaining few days of 2011. Because of the fact that it's Leap Year this year, I cannot come up with a better solution to why this week has started off so frigid compared to the holidays that were only last week. And all this thinking and problem-solving is only giving me a headache which I can save for school. Which started today. Oh, Spring Break where art thou? #Iamstillonbreakmodewhichisterriblesincefinalsarenottoofarfromnow

P.S. New year, new hair. {finally!}

Wearing: F21 flannel button-down, F21 boots

1st post of 2012.

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