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Picture that with a Kodak...or a Nikon.

 I don't know what's worse. Just now finding a vintage 1960s Nikon DSLR after so many years hidden in my dad's closet or... finding out it doesn't work. Oh, the disappointment that always has a way of coming around only to be a pain in the derrière. I spent this carefree day with my best friend and some Starbucks coffee. She is just quite the photographer. I have to give it to her. The sun was beaming with a hint of slight breeze. Such incredible weather and a bonhomous friend who I am grateful to have in my life. I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Well hey, look on the bright side (a place brighter than where this sun is shining, obviously). It still makes quite a prop for picture taking, no?

 Wearing: Banana Republic chambray button-down, F21 wedges, Anne Taylor pants, F21 striped cardigan, Steve Madden sunglasses, vintage earrings, F21 peacoat

I've been constantly bugging her about this amazing photo. It's picture perfect.
Don't let this photo fool you. I'm really not a blonde.

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