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Love List

 This being the last day of February and all, I felt the situation called for a list of things I love.
1. I have been drinking lemon with water at least once a day. I love the feeling of  a good and refreshing cleanse.
2. Peonies are my favorite flower. What better way to spend the sunny afternoon than with a bouquet of peonies that smell like spring?
3. Arm party. Without looking too overdone. From Song of Style 
 4. Red bow-shaped gloves. Classy and eye-popping on a chilly, winter day.

 5. Mint-colored pants. These look phenomenal on Liz from Late Afternoon
6. Words of wisdom from my green tea.
7. One of my friend's statement necklace. Love the intricate details of this beauty.
8. Two new birthday presents added to my necklace collection.

What are your favorite things you love at the moment?

Birthday Weekend

If I could relive the past weekend, I would. Due to an ugly tornado watch, school was released an hour early. On a Friday. On my birthday. Just wanting to clarify; those things do not usually happen quite often. So you could say happy was only an understatement. I spent the better half of my weekend with friends, eating sushi, taking photos with balloons, reading VOGUE and ELLE magazines, dressing up for parties, and better yet-- having the best time of my life.

 And as for the curled hair, I have Meagan to thank for being my hair stylist for the weekend. Now if only I could persuade her to do my hair every day before school... I'm still working on that. I'll let you know how that goes.

Wearing: F21 cut-out dress, Target rainboots, H&M statement necklace

P.S. thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes from the last post! You ladies are so sweet :)
P.P.S. Hey guys! I'm the "Friend of the Week"...check me out at Pink Junction!

17 Years

It's safe to say that I am now officially seventeen years old. Just knowing that I am one year closer to legality gives me chills. And thrills. I am planning on spending my birthday weekend with my wonderful friends and family. And... my birthday presents are well on their way via mail. Patience is something that I never have. Honestly. So I am pretty amazed to know that I have gotten through two weeks of waiting. Someone give me a gold star. You will see soon what I chose! Here if you remember...

Have a fun-filled weekend!

Late Night Epiphany

The last time I mentioned Epiphany Boutique was here and here. As much as I would love to claim this one-of-a-kind lacy party dress, the appreciation goes out to my good friend Laura who lent me this dress. Last Saturday night was spent out in downtown Fayetteville at a extravagant and exquisite Italian restaurant called Pierro's to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday who is turning sixteen tomorrow.
I'll be turning seventeen on Friday... I couldn't be more blessed and excited to spend it with the people I love most.
Wearing: Epiphany Boutique dress, Pop of Chic earrings, F21 gold flats, gifted bracelet


Long weekends always turn out for the best, it seems. This weekend started off perfectly with friends, family, and unbelievably beautiful weather. I have always wanted an asymmetrical skirt. I know that's very cliché, considering there are a ton of things that I want. I have to say, finding this chiffon beauty stashed somewhere on a rack in Forever 21 was fate.
Other asymmetrical skirt shots here and here.

Pictures taken by Meagan Speck. Follow her on Twitter!
Wearing: F21 asymmetrical chiffon skirt: similar one here, F21 top, Ray Bans, gifted sandals

Bad Case of Marchesa

 Wearing: F21 top (old), F21 boots, Anne Taylor pants

There are multiple times during when I get envious of other fashion bloggers being given the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week. And if I had the only option of attending one fashion show (and hopefully that won't ever be the case), then Marchesa, you'd be it. I adore all of Marchesa's designs and wardrobe that they have to offer. I have always been in love with their collection, whether it be spring or fall. I just cannot get over how ethereal and polished each individual dress is. 
What's your favorite collection during NYFW?

P.S. Yes, I have stared effortlessly at the video (on the bottom) in search for a prom dress because that is the most logical way to find one.
That was a joke. #helpmefindapromdress? I take recommendations!

1 4 Love

With the first month of the year out of the way, I felt it necessary to hold anything with hearts or Valentine's Day-related accountable for this post. This being my birthday month and all, I am thrilled to be spending these 29 days {Leap Year} in the most fun and creative ways possible.
Happy Valentine's Day!

I can never get enough of this scene from the movie Valentine's Day where Jessica Biel hits that piñata. Haha that's one way to solve things...


As you know or should know, I will be turning seventeen a week and a few days from now. 11 to be exact. I have already came up with a birthday wishlist and depending on the expense of the gift, there will probably be a limit. But I did want some of my reader's opinions and thoughts on some of my picks. So... what should I choose?

P.S. Anyone know any sites or stores that sell statement necklaces? Other than J. Crew?
 P.P.S. I already ordered the monogrammed necklace so you'll have to pick something else to recommend!

1. Nook Tablet from Barnes & Nobles $249
2. Kindle Fire from Amazon $199
4. Tirelessly Tasteless Gloves from ModCloth $59.99
5.  West Avenue Jewelry Classic Monogram from Max&Chloe $175.00
6. Shoes from H&M $34.95
7. Pink + Orange clutch from Madison Elizabeth Co. (photo from Belle de Couture) $34
8. School Girl Top from $27.60


Other than playing soothing music such as Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles on a playlist redundantly every night this week, I have been feeling pretty mellow lately. My routine from school to home is ordinarily the same. I feel as though I have fallen into a routine rut that just might be the gist of my problems. Anyone else feel like this sometimes? It feels as though I hardly pay attention to details anymore and there is nothing more pleasant than being able to knock out two topics in one blog post. Two for the price of one.

Wearing: Prada plaid bag, gifted bracelet, F21 plaid button-down

A Dot of Mustard

After this happened on Twitter the other day, I have been feeling more inspired than ever. And by inspired I mean, buying new pastel nailpolish, searching for vintage scarves in the back of my closet and spending more amount of time pairing the most unique items together. I always like to put it this way. Fashion is art. We add our own diverse taste into creating one big masterpiece. It is so effortless to spend a day's worth of clicking 'older posts' on Atlantic-Pacific. Trust me, a few of my friends and I did just that during class. Blair Eadie is my biggest role model. I look up to her like any girl would look up to Audrey Hepburn. Because of her, I am willing to try new things, combine varieties of colors, and even put in full consideration of buying the same Max&Chloe monogrammed necklace with my initials for my birthday- February 24th. She rocks it in such a fearless manner, that I just can't get enough.
 My new obsession: half and half manicure. teal + blue

Wearing: H&M statement necklace, vintage polka-dotted scarf, Forever 21 red skirt, F21 polka-dotted sheer top, Urban Outfitters boater hat, John Wind gold bracelet, Steve Madden sunglasses, F21 mustard jacket, GUESS wedges, Sally Hansen 'Blue Me Away' polish, Sally Hansen 'The Real Teal' polish

P.S. The last time you saw me in polka-dots, was this post right {here}.

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