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Perfect Pair-adise

 The weather has been unbelievably warm the past few days. Days like these, I just want to pull out all my floral dresses, sandals, and shorts and take a stroll around my neighborhood to embrace all the beautiful flowers and blooming trees. Except...I hate pollen. So, no thank you. that just might not happen...too often. It's safe to say that it is officially Spring. My extremely extremely late birthday present is arriving in the mail today this afternoon and I am going to be quite frank to say that this tablet is the only thing getting me through the day.
Where can you find a ring like this?! Notify me ASAP.
Definitely adore the yellow belt on this black lace dress.
This dress is nothing short of amazing.
Need more hi-low dresses in my spring wardrobe. But this makes an adorable prom dress!
Note to self: Always say YES to pleats. Esp. pastel colors.
Is there a park in Fayetteville where I can sit on a bench to recollect my thoughts? Just curious, is all.
In dire need of a beach trip. And well hey, balloons too...if you must.
I've been wearing this shade of blue a couple of times this week. I plan on seeing it a couple of more times this season.
If I could throw a quaint little brunch as perfect as this, I would. Please check out that chevron cover...YES.
Shenae Grimes looking more perfect than ever on a warm, summer day.
Glitter heels for spring. I say, why not?
A trench as a dress? Bravo. No, brava.
 Not only is Alexa Chung one of my favorite fashion muses, but she wears this nude dress entirely too well.
 I need to find a hairstylist who can style my hair like this. If that's you, then you may need to get in contact with me. Stat. #princessprobs
 I will and shall take a picture like this sometime soon. #donotmockmydetermination
 I am swooning over that mint sweater top.
Yellow nails. It's a must for spring.

What are some new trends you're trying out for spring?

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  1. I'm going for lace and a little bit of florals :) those are the top priorities this season for me. Though, neon is also fab... Too bad it's a pain trying to find neon lace from fabric stores in Finland. :D

    I really love this post, it's inspiring, written in an amazing way, and the pictures chosen are fab. You are so creative :) xoxo <3


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