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 After I received an offer from Jacob Lee to take a few shots for my blog, a simple no could not suffice. I instantly agreed, more ecstatic than ever. We spent the late afternoon strolling through downtown Fayetteville and hiking through bridges, trails and even steps. I even wore my new sequined platform heels that I posted on my Instagram that I plan to wear for prom for the couple of hours and now with blisters all over my feet, I have those heels to thank. Well what's that they say? Beauty is pain. Emphasis on pain.

He did a stunning job on the shots and I couldn't be more happy with the results of the photo-shoot. I had a blast modeling with my good friend Rachel Bowles. Check out and "like" his page {here} where you can find more of his photography!

Wearing: F21 dress, F21 vest, Steve Madden sunglasses, DIY bracelet {more deets to come!}

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