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The Secret Garden

 When you have a lot of time on your hands, and you're a fashion blogger, and it's your Spring Break in which you can do as you please, a photo-shoot in a rose garden is only a necessity. Even though this was a couple of weeks ago, I still remember the bipolar weather we had to suffer through. Even looking through these photos gives me chills just like the ones from that day
I have been through so much with this girl. So much being...Gossip Girl talks/ fashion talks/ Olivia-Palermo-is-my-role-model-she's-yours-too? talks/ accessory talks/ did-you-see-that-on-Fashion-Week? talks... they're all fashion-related. I think you got the idea. And to make matters worse, she'll be leaving next year since she's a senior which...I don't really want to think about right now since graduation is creeping up real soon. Love you Priya!
 Our work station.
Magazines and Satoralist book + Urban Outfitters hat + Coach leather bag + tablet + 1960 vintage cameras + Kate Spade tote bag
 DIY bracelet that I made + pastel nails + 1960s Nikon film camera. Details, details.

 Wearing: F21 dress, F21 denim dress, Ralph Lauren sash, F21 shoes, Urban Outfitters straw boater hat, Francesca's pearl necklace, Steve Madden sunglasses

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