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{Memorial Day} weekend

My Memorial Day weekend felt just like a preview of my summer. Unlike last year, buffalo wings were not on our menu. Instead, we headed down to Charleston, SC with an itinerary.
Hanging out on the boat, snuggling up for movie nights at the suite, game nights with the family (did anyone know Monopoly upgraded to credit cards?), catching up on the season finales of my favorite TV shows, walking around the streets of downtown Charleston, shopping at boutiques, visiting Fort Sumter, suffering through the strong winds--which I hope won't happen this summer since I'm a sucker for hats, and just enjoying the outdoors with possibly a Starbucks iced coffee to go pretty much summed up my swell weekend. In the suite, breakfast was brunch and it came with varieties of fruit platters.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

1st outfit: F21 cream top, Banana Republic shorts, Coach bag, Urban Outfitters straw boater hat
2nd outfit: Ralph Lauren top, F21 trouser pants, Tommy Hilfiger belt, Steve Madden sunglasses

Luxurious Soirées

The first time I laid eyes on this dress was over Spring Break. There was no denying that I was going to walk out of the store without purchasing this beauty and even my own mother knew it. No argument there. It isn't like me to leave a beautiful dress hanging in my closet for a long period of time. As May approached, I knew instantly that the annual Global Studies Spring Dinner would be the perfect place to show it off considering the fact that everyone took pictures and social events require a fancy dress code. At least that's how I perceive it. And what better way to say classy than with a perfectly structured blue dress and a pair of white intricate heels?

This three day Memorial Day weekend is much needed. I need a vacay out of Fayetteville. Charleston, I come!
Have a safe and fun weekend! xx

Wearing: Ann Taylor LOFT dress, Francesca's necklace, Nine West heels, Jacqueline Rousseau clutch

Keep your PROMises

The month of prom, the week before prom, the day before prom and the day OF prom can be very stressful. I would know.
Being a junior, last Saturday was the first prom that I had ever experienced. The numerous amounts of picture taking and socializing was like a fashion blogger's dream come true. The whole pre-prom dinner was very classy and fancy, which is everything I love about social events. Besides gushing about how dressed up everyone looked, I enjoyed the scrumptious miniscule meal that was prepared for us. As the day progressed, everything turned out smoothly. I had a blast with the best prom date ever. Honestly, I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life.

 Best prom date ever.
Adored the mint green color and the intricate detailing of my friend's dress. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it a million times that night.

Summertime Dreamin'

Ever since my exams ended, summer has felt closer than ever. PROM is Saturday and I am beyond thrilled for it. As a junior, this is my first year and I cannot stress enough of my schedule for the next two days. I will most definitely post a few of my prom pictures next week for those who want to see what I have concocted over the many months of planning. 
Here's a list of a few things that I hope to accomplish for Summer 2012. What plans do you have for the warmer months to come?
The thrills of enjoying a candle light dinner under the stars on a summer night.
Go on an adventurous bike ride.
Go on a summer road trip and finish up the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy.
Go on a picnic on a nice summer day. Brownie points if the picnic blanket is chevron.
Ride a ferris wheel. In order to do so, finding a fair must be mandated.
Watch the sun rise on the beach.
Maybe step outside and enjoy nature...while blogging.
Yoga on the beach is a dream. It's always something I've wanted to try.
Spend endless hours magazine reading while sipping coffee.
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