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Keep your PROMises

The month of prom, the week before prom, the day before prom and the day OF prom can be very stressful. I would know.
Being a junior, last Saturday was the first prom that I had ever experienced. The numerous amounts of picture taking and socializing was like a fashion blogger's dream come true. The whole pre-prom dinner was very classy and fancy, which is everything I love about social events. Besides gushing about how dressed up everyone looked, I enjoyed the scrumptious miniscule meal that was prepared for us. As the day progressed, everything turned out smoothly. I had a blast with the best prom date ever. Honestly, I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life.

 Best prom date ever.
Adored the mint green color and the intricate detailing of my friend's dress. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it a million times that night.

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