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Summertime Dreamin'

Ever since my exams ended, summer has felt closer than ever. PROM is Saturday and I am beyond thrilled for it. As a junior, this is my first year and I cannot stress enough of my schedule for the next two days. I will most definitely post a few of my prom pictures next week for those who want to see what I have concocted over the many months of planning. 
Here's a list of a few things that I hope to accomplish for Summer 2012. What plans do you have for the warmer months to come?
The thrills of enjoying a candle light dinner under the stars on a summer night.
Go on an adventurous bike ride.
Go on a summer road trip and finish up the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy.
Go on a picnic on a nice summer day. Brownie points if the picnic blanket is chevron.
Ride a ferris wheel. In order to do so, finding a fair must be mandated.
Watch the sun rise on the beach.
Maybe step outside and enjoy nature...while blogging.
Yoga on the beach is a dream. It's always something I've wanted to try.
Spend endless hours magazine reading while sipping coffee.

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