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FRYDAY: DIYing from the Heat

Thought I'd share a few of my Instagram snapshots from this week. According to this weekend's forecast, the weather is supposed to be hitting triple digits. This just will not do. After nearly witnessing a heat stroke yesterday afternoon, I have decided to stay indoors wherever AC is available with ice cold lattes and fruit smoothies. Anything chilly--do send it my way. Heat and I do not get along. But besides baking under the sweltering sun, I have been preoccupied with a multitude of things lately.

1. Being my little brother's chauffeur in the mornings...and afternoons
2. I have just recently started making DIY bracelets and orders are starting to rack up! (check out my instagram shots for the deets)
3. Running outside daily for an hour in triple-digit weather. I call it determination. And death.
4. Lunch dates with friends... too many friends = too many lunch dates. Enough said.
5. Catching up on Pretty Little Liars due to camp last week. 

P.S. Someone told me I looked kind of like Mona from Pretty Little Liars... I don' I?

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Happy FRYDAY. Literally.

Blueberry Lemonade

I have always wanted a yellow statement necklace for as long as I can remember. So when I came across this one at The Limited, I knew a simple no would not suffice. Usually before I make any purchases, whether it be clothing, shoes, or accessories, I sketch out everything in my closet and figure out whether I can wear it with anything. Somehow, this blue button-down popped in my mind. For a few days, I did not have any plans to wear this blue and yellow color combination and I was quite sorrowful. So when my family and I decided to visit my sister in UNC-Chapel Hill, I seized the moment and created a big batch of lemonade from this sour and sad lemon.

{I love my sister}

 Wearing: F21 button-down, Limited necklace, F21 tribal skirt, Pop of Chic earrings, TJ Maxx sandals, Steve Madden sunglasses

Fishtail & Statement Nail

According to my past posts on rainy encounters, {here :: here :: and here} I give the 'rainy day' look an entirely different meaning. This H&M raincoat has always been a favorite of mine. Ever since I've purchased it, that is. I've worn it a few times in the winter with a scarf and tights and even paired it with jeans and brown riding boots in the fall. And even in the summer, when the forecast brings about drizzling rain, I pull out this raincoat and try to find assorted ways to add on to my list of rainy attires.

What do you like to wear on rainy days?
{Hence my blog post title}
 Wearing: H&M rain jacket, F21 black dress, F21 boots

M-Fuge in Charleston, SC

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My past week was one of the best weeks I could experience this summer. I attended a missions camp called M-Fuge in Charleston, South Carolina. I went to Philly last year. From waking up at 6:30 a.m. to sleeping till 12:30 p.m. every night and sharing a dorm room with four girls, exhaustion and sleep deprivation seem to be the words to sum it all up. But as tiring as our daily schedules were, I am so blessed for all that I have, the amazing new people I met, and the experience I got to encounter.
Next year is my last year at Fuge, and I hear we're going to West Palm Beach, Florida...

{My track group}
For Night Life, we had to dress up as spies. So without giving it another thought, I took on Nancy Drew.
My roomies.
 The adorable girls on site that I got to play with all week. They were just the sweetest.


Tomorrow morning, I will be off to camp in Charleston, South Carolina for an entire week. Which also means I will not be blogging for the next six days. Unfortunate, yes. But I will be taking tons of pictures and instagramming throughout the week so be sure to follow me! Charleston is such a beautiful place. I will be taking full advantage of the scenery...with my iPhone and camera at hand. Of course. #fashionbloggerproblems



Lately, I have been allured to bright colors. There's nothing better than dressing up and dressing down bold and vivid colors for a late afternoon stroll or just simply an impromptu dinner date on a warm summer night. With summer comes hot nights filled with activities and spending the outdoors with pesky insects. Speaking of pesky insects, I have just about twenty mosquito bites on my legs and arms. It's horrid.
But what better season than summer to incorporate bright, punchy colors into my wardrobe? I have occupied myself with trying new things such as: painting my nails in an ombre-like manner, being productive in the mornings so I can spend my afternoons with ease, making DIY accessories, and drinking acai berry smoothies on a daily basis.

How have you been spending your summer?
{Beautiful rose right outside my house}

Wearing: Forever 21 top, gifted bracelet, Tommy Hilfiger pants, TJ Maxx sandals, Steve Madden sunglasses

Right on the Dot

The past week was just the beginning of my summer. I can not stress enough that my favorite season is fall when the weather isn't hitting triple digits and I am not baking under the scorching sun. I have been staying indoors as much as possible where AC is a friend and not a vibrant star in the sky. Graduation was last Thursday and goodbyes are usually the hardest for me. Nonetheless, I said my goodbyes to my closest friends with the realization that this would be me next year. Graduating. Still cannot believe I'm a senior now.
To spruce up the photo with the traditional navy blue cap and gown, I paired a fun polka-dotted top with my all-time favorite black chiffon asymmetrical skirt and completed the look with white heels. Lately, I've seen more black asymmetrical skirts on the internet and I just can't get enough.

 Wearing: Talbots top, F21 skirt + necklace, Nine West heels (old), Steve Madden sunglasses

I Die for DIYs

I'm too picky when it comes to accessories. Which is why it is best for me to just simply construct my own. With so many of my good close friends graduating this year, I wanted to give each one of them a graduation present that they could truly remember me by. Something that would protrude to them, rather than money which is, of course the norm for graduation. A month ago, I started getting the hang of bracelet making and due to busy schedules and graduation parties, I have been slacking and never fully completed one. I chose the colors according to their colleges and after blowing so much money on other things, there's nothing wrong with constructing your own bracelets for arm parties.

I plan on tackling pastel colors for my next bracelets. #justsayin

Blue Shoe

 After purchasing these cobalt beauties for only $8 at Target a few days ago, I was ecstatic to pair them with a dress the following Sunday. There was the option of a pair of purple pumps, but then after giving it much thought (because that's what I do when it comes to shoes), I decided that cobalt blue was more appropriate. I go through a series of questions in my head. It's something along the lines of...
Question 1: Do I have anything to match them with?
Question 2: Am I going to wear these?

Is anyone else like this, or is it just me?
Come shoe shopping with me, and I can assure you we will be there forever. Any takers?
Wearing: F21 denim dress, F21 white denim vest, Pop of Chic earrings, Armani sunglasses, Be.Monogrammed necklace, Target shoes

Pink Affair

The muggy weather, the empty hallways at school, googling creative graduation presents, people tweeting about the pool- I'd say, summer is slowly dawning on me. I am all for neons this summer and I just couldn't get enough of this bright pop of pink button-down. I feel as though it will be a staple in my summer wardrobe. Maybe with a pair of white denims or even white shorts for a casual stroll-on-the-beach look.
Even though school doesn't officially end until June 7th, it's much rather like a broken pencil. Pointless.
On my calendar, I have a handful of graduation parties coming up and graduation itself on June 8th. SO many events and so little blog. My mother's already talking about summer plans with me. Eek. 
Where has the time gone?!
Wearing: Ann Taylor button-down, F21 skirt, Steve Madden sunglasses, monogrammed necklace from
Be Monogrammed
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