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FRYDAY: DIYing from the Heat

Thought I'd share a few of my Instagram snapshots from this week. According to this weekend's forecast, the weather is supposed to be hitting triple digits. This just will not do. After nearly witnessing a heat stroke yesterday afternoon, I have decided to stay indoors wherever AC is available with ice cold lattes and fruit smoothies. Anything chilly--do send it my way. Heat and I do not get along. But besides baking under the sweltering sun, I have been preoccupied with a multitude of things lately.

1. Being my little brother's chauffeur in the mornings...and afternoons
2. I have just recently started making DIY bracelets and orders are starting to rack up! (check out my instagram shots for the deets)
3. Running outside daily for an hour in triple-digit weather. I call it determination. And death.
4. Lunch dates with friends... too many friends = too many lunch dates. Enough said.
5. Catching up on Pretty Little Liars due to camp last week. 

P.S. Someone told me I looked kind of like Mona from Pretty Little Liars... I don' I?

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Happy FRYDAY. Literally.

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