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Forecast: Cowdy with a Chance of Braid

 Not only was it Friday the 13th last Friday, but it was also Cow Appreciation Day. After putting my hair up in a milkmaid braid, I realized I was "celebrating" unintentionally. I have an unhealthy obsession with collars. I spent countless hours last week trying to find the perfect sequin collar online. Point proven. And I finally chose one, ordered it, and it should be on its way sometime this week. This rainy day consisted of a long Starbucks coffee date with a favorite gal of mine which I mentioned before in an earlier blog post. Or two. It seems, that I tend to dress up every time it rains. Therefore, it should rain more often. Maybe I should invest in a few more umbrellas for a shoot. How about it.
Wearing: F21 jacket, F21 dress, F21 oxfords, DIY bracelet

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  1. I maybe shouldn't feed your obsession, but... The collars suit your style perfectly :) I couldn't rock a collar even if my life depended on it, but they look gorgeous on so many others :) Have a lovely week! xoxo <3


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