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Chanel-la Flavored

School started two days ago and I am going to have to admit that my blogging for the next few months will be rather difficult. This is me apologizing ahead of time. To even prove my point, I wore this outfit on Coco Chanel's birthday-- August 19th. And what day is it now? The 28th. My point exactly. 
And, mid shocker. I got a haircut (so this isn't the length of my hair as of now). More of a trim, actually. But I can spot the difference of my hair when I look in the mirror. This pang of regret hits me every time and I hate myself for doing such a thing. Has anyone else felt that way before?

P.S. I even wore a coat of Chanel lipstick to celebrate.
Wearing: sequin collar necklace c/o Windsor Store, DIY bracelet, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick, F21 flats, F21 skirt, sunnies c/o ShopCalico

Pattern Mixing

Two months ago, I was the blogger wearing tortoise shell Steve Madden sunglasses redundantly in nearly every post. Every now and then I saw Karen Walker, Prada, and Ray-Bans sunglasses on many other fashion blogs wishing that I actually made the effort to buy a new pair. And then like that, my wishes came true. I won three sunglasses through a giveaway, ordered a pair from ShopCalico, and then Firmoo emailed me about wanting to collaborate with them. I received these aviators in the mail a week ago and I couldn't be any happier. They fit perfectly on my small face and since they're unisex, I even offered my brother a chance to wear them out. Double win.

Thanks again Firmoo!
Wearing: Talbots top, H&M bubble necklace, F21 heels, F21 skirt, vintage bag, F21 leopard belt, H&M raincoat Firmoo sunglasses

Firmoo is also offering a free pair of glasses (they even provide prescription glasses!) for first-time customers. If you want one, hurry over to Firmoo and pick your favorite! The only payment needed is shipping.

Putting the Pep in Peplum

When you live in a town called Fayetteville, North Carolina, there is honestly nothing interesting to do. It's either movies, fro-yo (too many of those in this town), or eating out at restaurants. I have caught on to this vexatious habit that most likely every teenager realizes in their middle or high school years. All the usual.
Unless your names are Grace and Priya. In our case, we tend to opt more for an urbane "hang-out". Remember my last shoot from Spring Break? As two people who are fervent about fashion, we choose artsy locations and outfits and do what every fashionista does.
I'm so blessed to have this girl in my life. I couldn't emphasize it enough. And now Priya's off to UNC-Chapel Hill and I'm still stuck in this town unfit for a blogger like me. Nonetheless, I had tons of fun getting ready with this gal and I'm so excited about future photo-shoots that are bound to happen.
Just think: fall & winter outfits. Boots. Scarves. Coats. And pumpkin spice lattes in hand...

I can already see it.

Wearing: TopShop peplum top, Curly Temple Shades c/o ShopCalico, 1960s vintage Nikon camera, BeMonogrammed necklace, Ann Taylor black denims, Forever 21 wedges, Coach purse

Wearing: TopShop button-down, tribal asymmetrical skirt c/o Epiphany Boutique, Steve Madden heels

Seasons Change

Since fall is not too far from now, I have been obsessing over ankle boots and combat boots. Oh, and the sporty chic look with the fashionable sneakers. I have to admit, I have never been a fan of sneakers or any sporty chic outfits of any sort. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl was my biggest inspiration. I loved anything and everything with bows, sequins, lace...anything feminine. Don't get me wrong, I still do. But with the sudden change of heart, I've been leaning towards leather jackets, sneaker high-tops, combat boots and collars. More of a vintage-y, retro, edgy combo. Never thought I'd be the kind of girl to ever obsess over such things. I mean, trying new things never hurt. 
Has anyone ever gone through that kind of phase? I know I have. Multiple times. 
This honestly wouldn't be the first.
I felt pretty inspired by these bloggers:

It's safe to say... I'm ready for you Fall.

What are your latest obsessions?

I'll Teal You Later

The rain is pouring down on my rooftop tonight. With my laptop and my warm bedsheets to comfort me, I have decided to hold on to these last few weeks of summer nights where I can stay up as late as possible without having to set my alarm clock at a designated time. Such as 6:00 a.m.
Since I am such a meticulous person, I'm not the kind of girl who throws on every accessory I lay my eyes on. In fact, I show great attention to details and am usually keen to leaving my signature with the layering of necklaces. Pulling a Blair Eadie. The usual.

P.S. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this asymmetrical skirt. It's quite a staple for me, really.
 Wearing: F21 asymmetrical skirt, F21 teal top, F21 wedges, DIY bracelet + ring, Urban Outfitters fedora


Starbucks runs, DIY bracelet time, collar mania, strawberry banana smoothie lunches, catching sunsets on a late summer night, Burberry goodness arriving in the mail, pastel beach houses...
This week's photos in a nutshell. 
Have a splendid weekend!

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