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Chanel-la Flavored

School started two days ago and I am going to have to admit that my blogging for the next few months will be rather difficult. This is me apologizing ahead of time. To even prove my point, I wore this outfit on Coco Chanel's birthday-- August 19th. And what day is it now? The 28th. My point exactly. 
And, mid shocker. I got a haircut (so this isn't the length of my hair as of now). More of a trim, actually. But I can spot the difference of my hair when I look in the mirror. This pang of regret hits me every time and I hate myself for doing such a thing. Has anyone else felt that way before?

P.S. I even wore a coat of Chanel lipstick to celebrate.
Wearing: sequin collar necklace c/o Windsor Store, DIY bracelet, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick, F21 flats, F21 skirt, sunnies c/o ShopCalico

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