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Beauty of Fall

There's something so refreshing about a brisk fall morning, especially on the weekend. Saturday mornings are simply the best. My morning routines usually consist of yoga or a nice, long run around the neighborhood before everyone awakes. Lately, I have so much on my mind and sleeping in isn't even a plausible option for me. The arrival of fall was only a week ago, and since then, I have been taking full advantage of the weather by piecing my fall staples with sneaker wedges and simply accessories.
Trying different things. Seasons aren't the only things that change.
 Simply adore mustard, tan, and olive colors for fall.
 Wearing: F21 top, F21 cropped pants, UrbanOG sneaker wedges, H&M bag, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick, sunnies c/o ShopCalico


According to my mother, I have a wardrobe of a "patriotic gal." Her exact words. That's why there's two patriotic holidays in a year. So Grace has the opportunities to sport a red-white-and blue color combo two times a year.
Makes total sense now.

P.S. Super duper busy right now, but managed to squeeze in an outfit post in 5 minutes and 26 seconds. New record.
Oh, the things I do for my readers... enjoy! xo
Wearing: F21 top, Tommy Hilfiger pants, Prada bag, H&M bubble necklace, sunnies c/o ShopCalico

Sweet (Hounds)Tooth

Simply adore cool weather that allows me to pull out my collection of printed jackets and layer them with summer dresses. Such a win win. This past Sunday, I grabbed my Jacqueline Rousseau clutch, applied a coat of Chanel lipstick, threw on my old H&M bubble necklace, slipped on a pair of heels, and headed out for a Sunday Funday. With a latte to go. 
There's simply nothing better.

Also loving my new RayBan aviators that I got from SmartBuyGlasses. Thank you! xo
 Wearing: F21 dress, DIY heels, F21 jacket (old), Jacqueline Rousseau clutch, H&M bubble necklace, RayBan aviators, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick

Thanks for all the comments! I just want to let you guys know that I appreciate and read ALL of them!
I WILL NOT BE UPDATING MY BLOG FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. I have the biggest and most important test on Oct. 6 and am fully preparing myself for it. Which also means having to make sacrifices. Unfortunately.

School (Bow)Ties

 Ever since last year, I have loved the idea of taking blog pictures of classmates and friends in my school. Usually, my "fashion victims" are the ones that I see either on a daily basis or just so happen to run into them at FTS and then I give them the 'love-the-outfit-how-inspirational-picture-time' look. Most people know that I'm a fashion blogger and just relish the honor of being on my fashion blog. Yes, you're welcome.
 I fell in love with Alex's burgundy colored pants paired with a colorblock top. If those colors so happened to be on a dress, that would be perfect. 
 Loved how Elise wore a chic striped top paired with a red belt and a nautical anchor necklace. The chevron printed binder recalls for the pattern mixing trend. Obsessed.
And...finally, meet Jason. Such a classy dresser. Bow tie says it all. Remember him here?

Pretty in Pink

This week, I have been so stressed out about well, life. 
I woke up late two times this week and had to skip breakfast. You can bet I was feeling pretty lightheaded for the remainder of the day. In other words, I am seriously ready for this three-day weekend. On days when I'm rushing, I find it comfy to curl some parts of my hair and throw it up into a high ponytail. It's so convenient and lately, I feel like it has been one of my most used hairstyles for the past month. But hey, who's counting?
I wore this lovely pink lace collared dress and added pastel earrings, a coat of Chanel lipgloss, and threw on my adorable Gianni Bini bow heels. Such a huge fan of collars. You'll start to notice. Trust me.

Wearing: gifted dress from Korea, vintage Coach bag, Gianni Bini heels, gifted bracelet, sunnies c/o ShopCalico, earrings purchased from downtown Charleston, SC, Chanel 65 Euphorique lipgloss

Preppy Denim

This adorable denim dress with a matching bow is one of my all-time favorite versatile dresses. It might sound totally cliché, but let me explain just how useful it really is. In the spring and summer, I wear it either plain or accessorize with statement jewelry (preferably statement necklaces or the classy pearls), and in the fall or winter I might layer up with a blazer or a cardigan. I would opt for a red cardigan, but it's quite unfortunate that my red cardigan has simply vanished out of my closet. Oh well. 
Just another excuse to buy a better another one.
Wearing: F21 dress, Gianni Bini bow heels, Prada handbag, Francesca's pearl necklace, sunnies c/o ShopCalico, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick, BeMonogrammed necklace

Going Green

There are many things that I enjoy about the month of September:
Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, the in-between transition of summer to fall, and fall staples (realizing just how much I've missed them). I bought this green top at Forever 21 last month, mainly due to the fact that I hardly own any green in my closet. What does that tell you about me? Yes, green is certainly not my color. If I want to go green, I'll go recycle. Point blank.
Wearing: Forever 21 top & belt, Forever 21 skirt, Target heels, Vivilli aviators, BeMonogrammed necklace

Senior Pictures

I received my senior pictures in the mail a while back and completely forgot to share.  Though, there's a lot of things that I've forgotten to do lately. Blogging, being one of them. These are just a few of my senior pictures! I have to say, I enjoyed the experience of these photo-shoots and definitely would not mind taking some more. But that only works if you're a senior. And I have no intentions of reliving this year. It's hell enough the first time...
So blessed to have been a senior model ambassador for Prestige Photography.

Capable of Being a Staple

The transitions between summer and fall are usually the easiest for me. By the end of summer, I am already craving fall {like right now} and unwittingly wear one of my fall staples here and there. For example: I wore a plaid blazer that I would recall a fall staple to school a few days ago. I adore this jacket for many reasons. Perhaps one of them is because it's vintage...or it's from London...or the fact that it's very lightweight and this certain shade of gray hits the spot. Or maybe because of it's unique length. Truth be told: it's all of the above.

 I also won these aviators from a Vivilli giveaway. The sunglasses are a perfect fit and I am so thankful to have received them! Check them out {here}.
Wearing: vintage jacket, F21 wedges, earrings c/o Pop of Chic, AE shorts (old), F21 tank, BeMonogrammed necklace

P.S. I'll be mentioning this quite often, but I will be very limited on blogging for the next few months. I'm making sacrifices here and there for college applications and my AP classes this semester. Being a senior in high school is really stressful. But that being said, please do leave your blog links in the comments below! I do read all the comments and will be willingly checking them out whenever I can :)
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