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School (Bow)Ties

 Ever since last year, I have loved the idea of taking blog pictures of classmates and friends in my school. Usually, my "fashion victims" are the ones that I see either on a daily basis or just so happen to run into them at FTS and then I give them the 'love-the-outfit-how-inspirational-picture-time' look. Most people know that I'm a fashion blogger and just relish the honor of being on my fashion blog. Yes, you're welcome.
 I fell in love with Alex's burgundy colored pants paired with a colorblock top. If those colors so happened to be on a dress, that would be perfect. 
 Loved how Elise wore a chic striped top paired with a red belt and a nautical anchor necklace. The chevron printed binder recalls for the pattern mixing trend. Obsessed.
And...finally, meet Jason. Such a classy dresser. Bow tie says it all. Remember him here?

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