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Sweet (Hounds)Tooth

Simply adore cool weather that allows me to pull out my collection of printed jackets and layer them with summer dresses. Such a win win. This past Sunday, I grabbed my Jacqueline Rousseau clutch, applied a coat of Chanel lipstick, threw on my old H&M bubble necklace, slipped on a pair of heels, and headed out for a Sunday Funday. With a latte to go. 
There's simply nothing better.

Also loving my new RayBan aviators that I got from SmartBuyGlasses. Thank you! xo
 Wearing: F21 dress, DIY heels, F21 jacket (old), Jacqueline Rousseau clutch, H&M bubble necklace, RayBan aviators, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick

Thanks for all the comments! I just want to let you guys know that I appreciate and read ALL of them!
I WILL NOT BE UPDATING MY BLOG FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. I have the biggest and most important test on Oct. 6 and am fully preparing myself for it. Which also means having to make sacrifices. Unfortunately.

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