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Last week was my last Homecoming Week in high school. It was also the most busiest week of my life. I had a blast dressing each day for Spirit Week (and getting extra credit for classes) and taking pictures with my friends. I know I probably bombarded Instagram with pictures everyday and I do apologize! Wednesday night we had our Powderpuff game where the girls are the football players and the boys are the cheerleaders. Seniors won. Obviously.
Friday night was our Homecoming Game vs. Pine Forest as well as the announcement of the Homecoming Queen. I had the honor of riding in a vintage Benz convertible as the Top 12 Homecoming Court in the 100th year Homecoming Parade. All in all, it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Here are all the pictures from the week starting from Monday!
Monday: Nerd Day
 Tuesday: Tacky Day
Wednesday: Neon Day / Powderpuff Game
Thursday: Decade Day
 {my beautiful sister}
 {my dad was my escort}
 {Last year's Homecoming Queen}
{Homecoming Court Top 12}

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