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Put a Sock in It

It's easy to fall into a rut where you don't feel like completing any work whatsoever, and then the whole weekend goes by and you ask yourself: "What did I accomplish this weekend?"
Besides googling 'how to pull yourself out of a rut' and repeatedly looking through my 'motivational quotes' board on Pinterest, I have to say that the only thing successful here is my sock bun. For the longest time I have been wanting to pull off the sock bun look, but never believed it was a hairstyle that I could pull off. I had myself pretty convinced until one day, I came across a tutorial that told me to turn a long sock into a donut, which I found rather odd at first, and then voilà. There it was. 
The first few times, since my hair is so thick, the bun was bigger than my head, and I will never forget the amusing sight. So I guess my little story comes with a quick lesson: Never give up because you never know until you try.

Sometimes, you can be your own inspiration. Point proven.

Wearing: F21 striped cardigan, Banana Republic chambray button-down (old), F21 boots (old), Ann Taylor LOFT pants, Chanel 62 Monte-Carlo lipstick

P.S. I'll be in DC for the rest of the week until Sunday night for Princeton Model Congress (PMC) for my AP Government class! I'll be uploading pics from Washington D.C., so follow me!
Also, come vote and check me out in the 'World's Most Stylish' Contest and vote for me please!

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